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New Seasoned Oils La Chinata, with "Garlic and Chilli", "Oregano", "Chilli, Laurel and Pepper" and Rosemary and Pepper"

The autumnal season has just opened, La Chinata is pleased to introduce four new additions to the range of Seasoned Extra Virgin Olive Oils, as are the varieties of “Garlic and Chilli”, “Oregano”, “Chilli, Laurel and Pepper" and of “Rosemary and Peppers”. Discover new flavors to enhance and dress any type of sauce, rice, pasta, salad and steamed or creamed vegetables, and also as an accompaniment to countless gastronomic creations based on meat, fish, pizza, game dishes, seafood or carpaccios. Made with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the company from Extremadura, these new varieties enhance the flavor of food and are ideal to enjoy on a slice of bread.


The product is presented in striking 250-milliliter transparent glass containers and has a recommended retail price of €4.60. Its conservation is recommended in a cool and dry place, out of direct light. The line of seasoned oils from La Chinata is made up of a total of fifteen references, among them, the Truffle Seasoning, the Lemon and Tangerine Essential, the Balsamic Seasoning, the Special Seasoning for Pizzas, etc.



Garlic and Chili Seasoning
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (93.5%), garlic (4%), chilli pepper (1.5%), natural aroma.
oregano seasoning

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (98%), oregano (1%), natural aroma.

Chilli, Bay Leaf and Pepper Seasoning

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (93%), bay leaf (2%), chilli pepper (2%), pink pepper (2%), natural aroma.


Rosemary and Pepper Seasoning

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (93%), aromatic herbs in variable proportions: 4% (rosemary, bay leaf, sage and thyme), peppers in variable proportions: 2% (black, white, green, pink pepper), natural aroma.

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