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New recipe: Healthy oatmeal and extra virgin olive oil cookies with chocolate and honey

Today we bring you a recipe that will make your mouth water: Healthy oatmeal cookies and extra virgin olive oil with chocolate and honey. It is a very easy recipe to make that you will love. Take note!



1º Preheat the oven to 180º

2º While it is heating up we can make the cookie dough.

In a bowl we mix the dry ingredients; oats, flour, yeast and chocolate chips. In another container we mix the rest of the ingredients, the egg, oil and honey.

3º Once we get a homogeneous mixture, we pour it into the bowl of the dry ingredients and stir until well mixed.

4º On a baking paper we are placing small portions in the shape of a cookie. It is important that they all have the same thickness to get a good bake.

5º Bake at 180º for approximately 20 minutes, until they have a toasted tone. Remove them and let them cool on a wire rack.

Optionally, if you like more intense flavors, you can add 15 grams of olive seed flour and a handful of olive seeds to the mixture, thus achieving a perfect balance between the sweetness of honey and chocolate and the flavor characteristic of the seeds.


AOVE receta saludable La Chinata

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