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Five Peppers Mix

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45 g | 64.44 € / 1 kg

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Our grinder of Five Peppers Mix is a cocktail of flavours in which we find a selection of green, white, black and pink pepper, together with allspice.

On the one hand, green, white and black pepper come from the same plant but their colour is different due to treatments used in harvesting. Likewise, allspice is not really pepper, since it is a berry picked unripe and dried in the sun, which is when it turns to its characteristic brown colour.



Its flavour is a combination of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, which gives the dishes a very peculiar touch. Similarly, the pink pepper is also a berry and has a very characteristic and aromatic flavour in which the sweet, citrus and a slightly spicy and fresh touches are mixed.

1 reviews for Molinillo Pimienta 5 Bayas

  1. María

    Muy bueno

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Blend of peppers in variable proportion (white pepper, green, black, pink, Jamaican).

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources.

How to use

Con el Molinillo Pimienta 5 Bayas, aportaremos un sabor muy exclusivo y particular a platos de ensaladas, pastas, carnes, pescados, embutidos y quesos.

Molinillo incorporado: al contrario que la gran mayoría de molinillos de plástico convencionales, nuestras piezas son de cerámica, con lo que tendremos un mejor resultado en la molienda. Incluye un sello de para preservar el estado óptimo del producto.

Retirar el precinto antes de utilizar.

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