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Millojas of potato chips, with tuna belly and dried tomato La Chinata

Ettore Cioccia of the web participates in our contest of creative kitchen nails on Millojas of potato chips, with tuna belly and dried tomato. For its preparation, it uses tuna belly, 1 bag of potato chips, sprouts and 100 grams of dried tomato in olive oil from La Chinata.



4 120g cans of white tuna belly
· 1 bag of potato chips 60 grams
100 grams Dried tomato in olive oil
· 60 gr Lettuce bean sprouts.

For the basil oil:

· A bunch of basil.
· A glass of olive oil.
· Salt and ground black peppercorns.



For the basil oil:

Scald the basil slightly without bringing the water to a boil. We cool it with water and ice so that it does not continue cooking. Take the well-drained basil and transfer it to a chopper. We crush it and add the oil little by little.

For the assembly:

Place a round ring on a plate and paint the bottom with basil oil, add the bonito on top, potato chips and then the dried tomato as indicated in the photo and, finally, the bean sprouts. We successively intersperse the chips and the dried tomato, finally the sprouts.

The rules of the contest

A new installment of our Creative Cooking contest is open until the middle of next February.

To participate it is necessary to send a recipe based on at least one product of La Chinata and will have to be sent to the headquarters through the following email address [email protected], with photos in high resolution and details for its elaboration. The recipes will be published on our official blog and at the end of February a winner will be proclaimed, based on various parameters such as originality, presentation, most authentic flavour, etc., who will obtain a Box of Seasoning No. 1 as a prize for their imagination and commitment, valued at more €25.


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