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Comb Blossom Honey Queen Honey


500 g | 21.8 € / 1 kg

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Comb Honey is considered a superfood, and with a good reason, as if honey is already a good source of vitamins, comb honey gather's all hive properties, as royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and pollen. That is why it is a special product and it has been increasingly used in recent years.

In this case, Queen Honey elaborates this Comb Blossom Honey traditionally. Its best advantage is that eating it from the hive itself intensifies its flavour and it is a pure swetener.


Health benefits

It helps reduce "bad" cholesterol and boosts good one, has antioxidant effects that help protect the liver, regulates glucose metabolism and protects the respiratory system. Likewise, it is a great source of natural energy among other properties, as anti-inflammatory and healing ones.

Handmade elaboration

Apícola Queen Honey is a company located in the town of Ceclavín, in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. It is specialized in the production, elaboration and packaging of honey in an artisanal way.

Its hives are located between two rivers, the Tajo and the Alagón, surrounded by a rich vegetation of scrubland such as rockrose, broom, thyme, rosemary and also by almond trees, olive trees, oaks and vines, which result in an exquisite product.


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Honey, propolis, jelly, pollen and wax.


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