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Wildflower Hnoey

(12 customer reviews)


300 g | 16.33 € / 1 kg

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La Chinata Wildflower Honey is a product made by bees from the nectar of different flowers. It is is great source of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and organic acids, making it a really healthy product that must be present at your home.

Besides, it is highly recommended as a natural substitute for sugar. This kind of honey has a reddish colour and its taste is soft and sweet, yet with a bitter touch.


It has plenty of therapeutic properties, including anaemia prevention and physical and mental exhaustion overcoming. Furthermore, it boosts digestion and it is antiseptic and antimicrobial, so it is perfect to prevent colds.

Pure honey tends to solidify with cold temperatures, so heating in a boiling water bath or microwave is recommended before eating.

12 reviews for Miel de Flores

  1. Alfredo

    Fue un regalo para mi pareja, y le encantó.

  2. Magdalena


  3. CLARA


  4. Araceli

    La miel de La Chinata la hemos comprado para uso personal y para regalar en varias ocasiones, en sus diferentes variedades, y tanto su textura, como su sabor y su presentación son muy buenas.

  5. Guadalupe

    Ideal para las infusiones.

  6. Nacho


  7. Nacho


  8. Estela

    Sabor muy suave

  9. PAOLA


  10. wen

    alta calidad

  11. Marga

    Me encanta!

  12. Reyes

    No me gusta la miel, pero ésta le da un toque muy rico a cualquier postre!!

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Wildflower honey.

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories  1433 kJ/337 kcal, Total fat 0,1g, Saturated fat 0,1g, Carbohydrates 83,7g, Sugar 68,9g, Dietary Fibre 0,2g, Protein 0,3g, Salt 0,1g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources.

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