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La Chinata facial masks, guaranteed facial skin care

La Chinata incorporates into its cosmetic range, within the Natural Edition line, five face masks that have as a common ingredient the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in addition to multiple properties aimed at the natural care of the most sensitive skin.


The range of masks from the Extremaduran firm respond to the needs of daily facial care based on preferences, thus, the different references cover key aspects such as restorative hydration, revitalization, purification, lifting effect and nutritional contribution. The product is presented in a convenient cardboard container, which includes five 8-milliliter boxes for rational and optimal use, with a recommended price of €3.55. As a suggestion for use, it is recommended to apply the treatment 1 or 2 times a week. To achieve the desired effect, a thin layer of product must be applied to the skin of the face and left to act for 10 to 15 minutes, to later rinse with lukewarm water.


The references


Moisturizing repairing facial mask

Ingredients: made with organic extra virgin olive oil, argan oil and tara. Based on ingredients that naturally retain moisture and on intensive moisturizers that deeply regenerate and nourish the skin, improving its appearance and enjoying never-before-seen softness, smoothness and flexibility.





Revitalizing facial mask

Ingredients: made with organic extra virgin olive oil, seaweed and sage. Restores tired and dull skin, giving it a renewed appearance. After an intense day of work, it eliminates the signs of fatigue, recovering its natural freshness and looking toned and rested skin.

Produces a slight thermal effect that fades until it disappears in a few minutes.



Nourishing Face Mask

Ingredients: made with organic extra virgin olive oil, honey and wheat germ.

Its antioxidant and cell regenerating ingredients prevent the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks while nourishing, regenerating and detoxifying, providing elasticity and improving the skin's cellular function.




Purifying face mask

Ingredients: made with organic extra virgin olive oil, witch hazel and ivy.

Its anti-seborrheic active ingredients clean, refresh and decongest the skin without leaving a feeling of tightness, thanks to moisturizing ingredients that counteract dryness. Renews the complexion leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness and purification.



Lifting effect face mask

Ingredients: made with organic extra virgin olive oil, chicory and tea tree

Easily penetrates and releases the super-hydrating ingredients of its formula. Leaves a smoothing flash effect on wrinkles and facial expressions. Its weekly use hydrates and firms the skin, providing a pleasant feeling of smoothness and softness.


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