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Pairing with Ibericos: the keys to balance

Pairing is not only within the reach of experts. Finding harmonies is also a personal matter that depends on the taste of each one. However, there are some nuances that can serve as a guide to find the balance. 

When we talk about pairings with acorn-fed products, we must bear in mind that they are products with infiltrated fat of extraordinary quality. They have an aromatic and herbaceous touch as well as nuts derived from the acorns that are eaten naturally in the Dehesa Extremadura. These details are very important when looking for a good accompaniment.

Acorn-fed Iberico Ham

Plato de jamón ibérico de bellota La Chinata

He Acorn-fed Iberico Ham It is usually paired with a red, especially crianza and with young wines, which also have low tannins so as not to take away the prominence of the product. You have to find the balance between fat and acidity, to enhance the flavor. It also pairs very well with sparkling wines such as cava (whose bubbles also help to cleanse the mouth for the next bite) or with a dry crianza white wine. In the same way, the generous and fine ones, as they enhance the flavor and texture, making it more durable on the palate.

Acorn-fed Iberian Dam

Plato de Presa Ibérica de Bellota La Chinata

In the Acorn-fed Iberian Dam we find salinity and the smoky flavor of the paprika, which is why it fits very well with generous wines, especially a Manzanilla, as well as with young reds and crianzas made with the Tempranillo grape.

Acorn-fed Iberico Salami

Plato de Salchichón Ibérico de Bellota La Chinata

He Acorn-fed Iberico Salami It has spicy hints of pepper that go very well with white wines. Structured reds also go very well with more or less marked tannins whose astringency cleanses the final fat.

Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo

Plato de Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota La Chinata

And for him Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo a fruity red, especially one that contains Syrah grapes, and that has hints of red fruits and low acidity. 

Find in our selection of Iberian La Chinata and our La Chinata Winery the best combination to maximize the flavor of your favorite Iberian products and enjoy a whole gourmet experience.

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