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Spots on the skin? Let's talk

The spots on the skin appear for different reasons and are not necessarily caused by age. There are many factors at play and it can happen at any age. It is about hyperpigmentation of the skin, that is, when there is an increase in the synthesis of melanin and dark patches are caused on the skin.

There are many types of stains. These can be sun spots, age spots, melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (such as acne or dermatitis among others).

There are circumstances that can contribute to the appearance of spots, such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetic factors or environmental factors.

The solution to skin blemishes?

Use depigmenting active ingredients, antioxidant active ingredients and most importantly, sun protection throughout the year, such as our SPF+50 Facial Sun Protection Milk.

In the same way, we have the Brightening Anti-Stain Ampoules with Cress and Soy Sprout, which combine depigmenting and antioxidant active ingredients. It also contains stabilized vitamin C and olive leaf extract, which prevent oxidation of the skin, provide luminosity, and act as anti-irritants and anti-inflammatory.

They are applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. And we can use it both in the morning and at night. In addition, they have an applicator to use it more comfortably.

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