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White spots in chocolate, what are they due to?

Chocolate, what a delicacy! But surely you have ever gone to grab a piece of chocolate and what was your surprise when you opened the chocolate, it had some white spots and you no longer knew if it was fit to eat it or not. We are going to reveal what causes this phenomenon, if the chocolate is in good condition and, above all, how to prevent it from happening.


Chocolate can preserve its properties for about 24 months from its manufacture, but it is very susceptible to odor and humidity, so its conservation process is essential.

This situation occurs due to two factors, the composition of the chocolate and the way of conservation.

White spots on chocolate due to its mode of conservation

Normally, there are two conservation reasons why these spots appear:

  • By contact with oxygen if it is not well wrapped, which causes it to fats migrate to the surface.
  • Due to a sudden change in temperature, which also causes fats to go to the surface.
  • Conservation in places with humidity.

White spots in chocolate depending on the composition

Fat Bloom or fat bleaching

It occurs when chocolate is exposed to more than 30 degrees. The fat melts and rises to the surface and once it crystallizes, the stains appear. In chocolates with nuts it is quite common for it to occur. For example, in chocolates with hazelnuts it is very common because the hazelnut fat is practically liquid at room temperature.

Sugar bloom or sugar bleaching

This is a phenomenon whereby the sugar dissolves, rises to the surface of the chocolate and crystallizes in the evaporation process. It is produced with a humidity of 75% to 80%. The appearance is similar to that of the flat bloom but the texture and flavor in this case does vary, since it loses many qualities. It leaves a grainy sensation in the mouth and the taste can become unpleasant.

How to avoid it

  • With a conservation between 12 and 18 degrees
  • Store the chocolate as airtight as possible to avoid contact with oxygen.
  • It is usually stored in the fridge and it is possible, but it is not recommended because it is very humid.
  • Avoid temperature changes.

Is the chocolate bad?

No. Chocolate is not bad but it should be avoided. In both cases, both the fat bloom and the sugar bloom, it does affect the aroma of the chocolate. And specifically in the case of sugar bloom, the flavor and texture may even be affected, although in Fat Bloom it mainly affects its appearance, but it continues to maintain its flavor. However, if it happens to us, we can melt it again so that all its components crystallize again or we can also use it for confectionery.

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