Acorn-fed Ibérico Loin (Slices)

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7,90  IVA incluido

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Acorn-fed Ibérico Loin (Slices)

80g | €98.75 / 1kg

7,90  IVA incluido

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La Chinata Acorn-fed Ibérico Loin comes from pieces of Iberian breed pigs raised and fed exclusively with acorns and natural herbs from the "Dehesa Extremeña". It is obtained from the upper part of the Iberian pig, specifically from the back area. It should be noted that this piece is highly appreciated for its flavour and texture and is considered one of the most noble and valued parts of the Iberian pig.


Operador de la empresa alimentaria: Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI, S.L. | Avenida de Alemania, 9 - 10600 Plasencia - España

These pigs are raised under a free grazing regime in the large tracts of land in the pasture of Extremadura, and they feed on acorns from the montanera season.

The "Dehesa Extremeña" produces a large quantity of high quality acorns and thanks to its large tracts of land, pigs can move freely and feed exceptionally in a perfect climate for their development.

Juicy and tender

The result is a juicy and tender Ibérico Loin, with an intense and persistent taste and sweet and salty nuances.

On the other hand, this Acorn-fed Ibérico Loin naturally contains oleic acid, the same one present in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes from the acorns with which these Iberian pigs are fed.

Traditional knife slicing

It is packaged in a case with thin slices cut by hand with a knife and already placed in a spiral shape ready to serve. We recommend taking it out of the fridge at least one hour before its consumption so that the product warms up and its aroma and flavour can be appreciated.

It is an exquisite product that can be accompanied with a few drops of La Chinata EVOO, as well as with our Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or 'Picos' with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Likewise, it pairs very well with our Red Wines as well as with our Olive Flavoured Craft Beer 330 ml.


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Acorn-fed Ibérico loin, salt, dextrose, sugar, paprika, oregano, garlic, antioxidant (E-331, E-301), stabilizer (E-451i), preservative (E-250, E252).

Nutrition Facts per 100g 1354 kJ/324 kcal: Total fat 14.3g, Saturated fat 6.2g, Carbohydrates 1g, Sugar 0.03g, Dietary Fibre 0g, Protein 49.2g, Salt 1.5g.

Store refrigerated between  5ºC and 12ºC.

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