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Turn your bathroom into a spa and release stress without leaving home

Tired or tired of routine and work? Do you need to release stress? We propose a plan that will undoubtedly help you relax and without leaving home! as you hear it

Your bathroom can be your best ally to take a break and relax, immersing yourself in a space of well-being to recover energy and discharge accumulated stress.

To do this, we will tell you some simple tricks to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of well-being. Take note!

libera estrés

Aromas to relax and release stress

You cannot imagine the power that aromatic candles can have on your relaxation and well-being. Dim light and fresh and fruity aromas like those of our Wild Fig, Cherry Blossom and Olive Tree Candles they are perfect as they have a smell that stays for a long time, unlike other candles on the market, whose smell disappears very quickly. In the same way, we have the same variety of aromas but in the format of Air Freshener Spray La Chinata, with which to achieve a more immediate smell of nature.

relaxing bath

The great benefits that a bath provides for muscle relaxation, the reduction of cramps and tension headaches and to improve muscle elasticity have been proven. And if you add essential oils, like our La Chinata Miraculous Oil and some Antioxidant bath salts La Chinata, which have olive leaf extract, ideal for enjoying an invigorating, relaxing and therapeutic bath, becomes a powerful moisturizer with firming and antioxidant properties for your skin and hair, as well as providing the aromas of the essential oils it contains. .


During the bath, you can continue your relaxation ritual with one of our La Chinata Infusions with Olive Leaves. We have relaxing, antioxidant and cleansing infusions, slimming or even infusions that act as a beauty elixir (more information in the post Tea time at La Chinata! Infusions for every need).  

To give it a sweet touch without giving up a healthy diet, you can add a tablespoon of our variety of Honey La Chinata. And meanwhile, also sweeten the palate with our Black Olive Gummies La Chinata , our Chocolate Dipped Almonds  or our La Chinata EVOO chocolates.

Beauty session

You can also take advantage of this moment of disconnection and stress release to pamper your body, hair and face with a Hair Mask like the one Moisturizing Recovery Hair Mask  and a Facial Mask according to the needs of your skin (if you are not sure which one is best for you, you can take a look at this post that will indicate which is the most recommended for your skin type and need: Do you know what kind of face mask you need? We break down the types of mask for every skin need). You can also take the opportunity to exfoliate the skin with the Exfoliating Sponge with Olive Pits and the Moisturizing Scrub Gel Cherry Stone & Sea Salt. Thus, it allows the Miracle Oil to penetrate deeply and leaves the skin looking softer and more radiant.

And with all these recommendations to enjoy a bit of relaxation in your own bathroom, now you won't want to leave home!

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