Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last.
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L Tin



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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L Tin

(25 customer reviews)


1 l | 11.15 € / 1 l

In stock

La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, located in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. Only the best olives are selected there to guarantee a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our customers.

The tin preserves all EVOO's properties. It is important to choose the right size according to its consumption, so as not to store it for a long period of time as, once opened, its qualities and flavour start to deteriorate.

The tin container is light and easy to store due to its shape. It also avoids contact with oxygen and light, two factors that influence the deterioration of EVOO's quality.

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'La Chinata' is the juice of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. In this area, we collect only those fruits that meet the properties we consider fundamental to obtain an Extra Virgin oil of the highest quality. The olives must be at their optimum stage of ripening, as well as clean, healthy and they must present an umblemish appearance.

It is only through this selection system that we can guarantee to our customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil on which we can truly rely in terms of quality.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has four main characteristics:

  • An intense yellow colour with some green touches.
  • A sweet and flat taste, without the burning and bitter tastes that are characteristic of the oils from southern Spain; therefore, a very pleasant taste is achieved, making its tasting a real pleasure.
  • A very dense ripe fruit aroma.
  • A very high fatty acids content, which makes this one of the most perfect Virgin oils of all those obtained in the different olive-growing areas of Spain.

We must take into account that, in the region of La Sierra de Gata, most olives are destined for direct consumption, that is to say, table olives, which enjoy a well-deserved popularity throughout Spain (the famous "Manzanilla Cacereña" olives). They are highly appreciated for their texture and flavour, which make them very palatable.

The oil is obtained from olives that, due to their small size, cannot be destined for direct consumption, so it follows that the Extra Virgin obtained from these fruits maintains all of its most characteristic virtues.

25 reviews for Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Lata de 1 Litro

  1. helena

    We love cooking with this EVOO. It is perfect.

  2. Ana


  3. Mercedes

    Very good

  4. Asier

    a good oil

  5. sonia

    I was excited to buy a 1-liter can and besides that it's cute, it's practical because it can be stored anywhere and the oil is top-notch.

  6. Lucy

    Good quality at a good price.

  7. Victory

    It has a very good flavor, soft but it has a very rich aftertaste. I love having it for breakfast accompanied by a little garlic and tomato


    Oil that I send to my son abroad, it is a good format

  9. muriel

    I love the packaging, the fast delivery and the samples to try more products.

  10. emilio

    The shipment was very fast, everything very well packed and protected

  11. SARAH

    Quality oil, does not disappoint.

  12. nuria

    Good oil with a nice container, special to give as a gift

  13. nuria

    I bought the oil in a can because I live abroad and it was an excellent idea to avoid breakage and a mess in the suitcase. There are no excuses for not being able to enjoy a great oil

  14. ELOY

    It leaves a salad with an incredible flavor, not to mention the taste it leaves when making a cold egg… 🙂

  15. begona

    The quality of Chináta is indisputable in all its products, the 1l canned oil is very manageable, the 5l one is at a good price, and the soap surprised me because of its softness. Happy with my purchase. Greetings

  16. George

    I also use it during my stays in Spain, where I buy it in Elche.
    I also like to use it as a gift to my friends on certain occasions.

    Unfortunately, reading cans are badly dented.
    I think the reason is inadequate packaging.

  17. Jorge

    For me it is part of my kitchen, I use it above all in salads and for vegetable purees.
    I love it.

  18. Jose Ignacio

    Since I discovered this oil I have been a fan of it. An unmatched flavor and texture. The only bad thing is that extra virgin olive oil is getting a gold price

  19. Jorge

    I use it a little for everything and the whole family has loved it, very good.

  20. patricia

    I like the can because it comes with a dosing cap, great for toast.

  21. Jorge

    I use it in salads and it enhances the flavors, it is a perfect combination.

  22. ivonne

    of the best oils
    and with excellent value for money! great packaging!!

  23. Maria

    Mild taste for my taste but good

  24. jean-louis

    Même huile that the plastic bottle! Conditionnement très bien pour offrir…..

  25. Alicia

    A good oil, which already accompanied me two years ago during my stay in England

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