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Oviedo's La Chinata Oleoteca prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary

La Chinata currently has more than 40 oil libraries throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe. Among those located in Spain we find the Oleoteca de Oviedo, one of the firm's longest-lived, as next year it celebrates ten years since its opening.

Oleoteca La Chinata Oviedo
Marisol Villabrille, co-owner of La Oleoteca La Chinata in Oviedo

It is located at 14 San Bernabé street in the city. Marisol Villabrille is one of the members of this Oleoteca. He was born in Los Oscos, a region in western Asturias and a Biosphere Reserve, which he points out "has a lot of similarities with Las Hurdes de Extremadura, even in his way of speaking fala". At the age of 17, he moved to Oviedo, where he studied Business Administration and later trained in various trade-oriented disciplines.

"A very important part of the sales is dedicated to the great variety of gifts, especially to the personalization of baskets and boxes"

After living in several towns and starting several businesses, he decided to take the plunge with a La Chinata franchise. The co-owner says that the initiative arose on a trip, when she met a previous store of the brand that was about to open.

"First we settled in a street that, after the crisis, stopped being commercial," he says. "After two years we moved to the most commercial area of the city and, despite the bad years we are going through, we are resisting," he declares.
One month closed due to the pandemic

The pandemic affected the business a lot, as they were forced to close for a month. Once the reopening of the store became viable, they started up first by appointment and making orders at home: "People were very grateful because it meant giving themselves little whims at a time as sad as the one we were living through", declares the Asturian.

local clientele

The clientele of this establishment is mainly local, he explains: "People who live in the city and are attracted by the products of La Chinata, especially for the value for money." In addition, he adds that a very important part of the sales is dedicated to the wide variety of gifts, especially to the personalization of baskets and boxes.


"We take great care in customer service, both me and the girls who work here," acknowledges the manager. It also supports the effort they make to achieve a beautiful presentation in the gifts, as well as the facilities they offer the client to give them advice by different means, such as by telephone or email.

With the pandemic they were forced to close for a month. Then they opened by appointment and with home orders

“For me, the most satisfying part of my job is when a client tells you that thanks to our cosmetic products, the problems they had with their skin have improved enormously,” she alleges. For example, he refers to the Intensive Regenerating Cream, as he reveals that they buy it as "something medicinal" thanks to its multiple properties. "There is an older man who always tells me that I was his savior," he concludes.

Information of interest

Co-Owner marisol villabrille
Address C/ San Bernabe, 14
PC. 33002 (Oviedo) Asturias
Contact Telephone: 985 27 53 46
[email protected]
Schedules Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
social media Facebook Oviedo La Chinata


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