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The Oleoteca La Chinata in Alicante turns 11 

"The most satisfying part of my job is the personal and direct relationship with our customers and the reward that they share their satisfaction by tasting, trying and giving away our products," says María Dolores Ruiz, one of the managers of the La Chinata Oleoteca in Alicante.

Three partners and friends, who came from the real estate and construction sectors, decided without previous experience in the service sector and in the midst of the 2011 crisis, to embark on the adventure of opening a business in Alicante. They have been in charge of the La Chinata Oleoteca for 11 years now. They tell us about their experience and what have been the keys to their success.

What prompted you to take the plunge with a La Chinata franchise?

From the beginning we liked its brand image, the variety of products and the exclusive concept of 'Oleoteca', as well as being a national company. And we definitely jumped in after personally meeting the family in charge of La Chinata.

How was the beginning?

For us it was especially complicated as we did not have previous experience in the commerce sector. But the image, the support of the headquarters and the quality and variety of the product meant that the progression was always constant and upward.

What is the balance after all this time in command of the Oleoteca?

After 11 years, we have the satisfaction of being a benchmark in the city of Alicante and the entire province, who visit our establishment.

Undoubtedly, the day to day has consecrated us within the commercial space in the most traditional center of Alicante, from where we offer our products for events, tourists and the general public.

"After 11 years, we have the satisfaction of being a benchmark in the city of Alicante and the entire province"

María Dolores Ruiz, co-owner

What did you think when you first met La Chinata?

That they offered something that did not exist in the market. A complete and varied line of gourmet and cosmetic products, based on national extra virgin olive oil and at a super competitive price.

What do you think makes the Oleoteca de Alicante stand out from the rest of the gourmet establishments in the area?

The wide variety of products, its image and quality-price. Besides that our clients can personalize their gifts. 

What is the area in which it is located like?

It is located in one of the busiest areas of the traditional center of Alicante, where in recent years a range of restaurant and leisure activities has proliferated, making it highly visited by citizens and tourists.

And about cosmetics, what do you think makes it stand out from the rest?

La Chinata Cosmetics stands out from the rest for its extraordinary value for money and for being based on EVOO with which all its products are made, which makes it highly appreciated by customers as it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, mature, oily, dry and babies.

"Day to day has consecrated us within the commercial space in the most traditional center of Alicante"

Any special weakness in a personal capacity with any of the products?

It is difficult to choose among all the cosmetic products, since they are widely accepted by our customers. My favorites are the Hand and Nail Cream, the Lip and Nose Repair Balm, the Miracle Oil and the Regenerating Facial Serum. All of them fantastic.

One of the qualities of La Chinata is its quality/price offer. Do you think that to enjoy good quality gourmet food or cosmetics you have to invest a lot of money?

Absolutely. After so many years serving our customers, what they appreciate most is being able to enjoy our gourmet and cosmetic products at a much lower price than other brands in the sector, without lowering their quality.

What do the clients of the Oleoteca value the most?

Apart from the aforementioned extraordinary value for money, being able to configure your gifts for events with a wide variety of formats and prices, and counting on personal treatment, our experience and advice.

What are the products that are sold the most in the Oleoteca?

In the gourmet section, the Seasoned Oils of Truffle, Basil and Chilli, followed by meat pâtés, such as the Pheasant with Truffles, and vegetables such as the one with olives and almonds. Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Chocolate Dipped Almonds are the most appreciated in sweets.

As for cosmetics, the Hand and Nail Cream, the Lip and Nose Repair Balms, the Miracle Oil and the Regenerating Facial Serum and the Intensive Regenerating Cream, extraordinary for cases of psoriasis and skins that need a lot of hydration.

How has the pandemic been experienced in the business?

Economically it was very difficult, with a lot of uncertainty, but thanks to the support and effort of our headquarters and our most loyal customers, little by little we have recovered normality, and even with the return of tourism, we are one step above the pre-covid period .

How is the future facing the business after the pandemic?

We believe that the pandemic is behind us, after many efforts and sacrifices, which is why we view this new period of return to normality with great optimism.

“We view this new period of return to normality with great optimism.”

For you, a satisfied customer is a customer who...

Come back to the store and share your good experience with our products. It helps us a lot to continue betting on our brand.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

The personal and direct treatment with our clients, and the reward that they share satisfaction when tasting, trying and giving away our products.

We hope to continue offering our products and services in Alicante for a long time.


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Address 16 New Street
PC. 03001 Alicante
Contact Telephone: 965 14 62 04
[email protected]
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