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Inauguration of the new Oleoteca La Chinata in Valladolid

"A satisfied customer is the one who returns" We spoke with Miguel Ángel Renedo, owner of the new Oleoteca La Chinata in Valladolid.

From now on, you can also find our La Chinata products at the new La Chinata Oleoteca in Valladolid, located at Calle Doctrinos 5.

Behind this new challenge is Miguel Ángel Renedo, its owner, a Palencia native, Telecommunications Engineer and Graduate in Market Research and Techniques, who works in Valladolid in the technology sector and adds this new adventure to his professional and personal career: "With the illusion of bringing the La Chinata brand to Valladolid," he says.

"They take advantage of the best of products such as vegetables, spices or preserves to enrich them with Extremadura oil"

Thanks to his sister, he got to know La Chinata and he confesses that he is passionate about cooking: “I love cooking and all gourmet products and my sister took the opportunity to give me EVOO and Patés from La Chinata”, says Michael. And he adds: “When you get to know the brand, you see that it has a very wide range of products, but they all make sense. They take advantage of the best of products such as vegetables, spices or preserves to enrich them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Extremadura”.

And it is that the wide catalog of La Chinata surprises: “It allows you to imagine a lot of possibilities to prepare tasty and surprising dishes, in a simple way and with excellent value for money. Oils enhance any dish, from a salad to baked fish."

  • What did you like the most to decide to take the plunge with a La Chinata franchise?

The quality of the products and the adjusted PVP that they have. The value for money guarantees good acceptance by the public.

The products are exclusive not only for their quality but also for their uniqueness, such as olive flour or EVOO Caviar.

In addition, the brand takes great care of the presentations, achieving very attractive containers and packaging.

  • How is this opening process going?

The opening process is being exciting but complicated. There are many issues that must be coordinated and planned to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

  • What are the values you want to project?

Respect for the client, attention to detail and maintenance of the highest quality.

  • One of the qualities of La Chinata is its quality/price offer. Do you think that to enjoy a good quality product you have to invest a lot of money?

La Chinata is proof that very good quality products are available to anyone. The prices are very reasonable for what the brand offers.

  • Any weakness for any of the La Chinata products?

Among my favorite products is the EVOO caviar for how it improves the presentation of the dishes and the Pepper and Eggplant Creams and of Artichoke. It's so hard to stop eating them!

  • Do you have any activity soon?

The next activity we have planned (still to be confirmed) is a tasting on December 14, so that customers can try products that they later add to their list of the Three Wise Men (or to their shopping cart). We will announce it through our communication channels.

Information of interest

Owner Miguel Angel Renedo
Address 5 Doctrine Street
PC. 47001 Valladolid
Contact Telephone: 983 041144

he[email protected]

Schedules Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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