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Truffle Flavored Cream

La Chinata's flavored balsamic creams are a particularly suitable complement for salads, fruit, ice cream or desserts. All the flavor of the truffle will be on the plate with the flavored balsamic cream. The different aroma that it presents allows spectacular culinary creations to be made and gives a touch of differentiation to traditional dishes. It comes in 150 ml containers.

RRP 2.50 euros.

Carpaccio and Truffle Sauce

The truffle carpaccio is made with EVOO and has a remarkable aroma and a pleasant flavor that will delight lovers of this type of food. It comes in jars of 120 grams. The sauce, for its part, is made with truffle, mushrooms and EVOO. This sauce combines perfectly with any dish that you want to raise the tone of its flavor; They can be some ravioli al dente stuffed with four cheeses with truffle sauce, as well as a beef tenderloin seared in the pan with the sauce as an accompaniment. The sauce is presented in 140 gram glass jars.

RRP 10.50 euros each.

Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The most flavorful oil. If to the numerous benefits of extra virgin olive oil we add other properties such as those of the truffle, we obtain an oil that, in addition to being exquisite, is very healthy.

Following tradition, La Chinata adds natural spices that are very popular in Mediterranean cuisine to its best extra virgin olive oil to leave them to macerate for more than a month. In this way, he has created an artisanal oil that, due to its attractive aroma and flavor, gives an exclusive and different touch to the recipes. It is recommended to use the oil seasoned with truffles in any type of pasta, seasoning it with a spoon per diner. If desired, add a light cream or cream sauce and add freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Format: 250 ml.

RRP 5.90 euros

Truffle and Boletus Pate

La Chinata has selected a range of Mediterranean products such as boletus and truffles and has prepared a tasty pâté that, enriched with EVOO, is a tempting appetizer, simply spread on a slice of bread. In addition, its use is unlimited: it can be incorporated into sauces, pastas, pizzas or as an accompaniment to vegetables, fish or white meats. Adding it to the vinaigrette is an original and innovative way of dressing a salad. Net weight 180g.

RRP 4.50 euros.

La Chinata_Carpaccio de Trufa_PVP 10,50 euros La Chinata_Condimento de Trufa_PVP5,90 euros La Chinata_Crema Aromatizada Trufa_PVP2,50euros La Chinata_Pate de Boletus y Trufa_PVP 4,50 euros La Chinata_Salsa de Trufa_PVP 10,50 euros

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