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The funniest brand of popcorn, Pop It, finds its place on our shelves

Palomitas sabor cereza con aove

La Chinata is immersed in a world of color and fantasy by the hand of the most fun, original and surprising brand of popcorn, Pop It. And how? Well, with some popcorn made with our EVOO and flavored with cherry! 

And it is that the reference gourmet popcorn in Spain could not be missing from our catalog of products to sweeten our days. 

Are Cherry Flavoured Popcorn they are deep red in color, very crunchy and have a sweet taste reminiscent of lollipops. A whole trip to childhood.

But... How did the magic come about?

Palomitas sabor cereza con aove

You know that at La Chinata we greatly admire brands that bet on artisan elaborations and that do their best to offer an original product, made with great care and in which they take maximum care of every detail. That's how it is Pop It and it is surprising what this brand has achieved with a natural ingredient such as corn. 

That's why, La Chinata and Pop It go hand in hand to offer you a very special product, some Cherry flavored popcorn with EVOO La Chinata

A unique experience

In Pop it the fascinating culture of popcorn has become a snack that goes far beyond the cinema. Any occasion is good to open a pot. We already have our arsenal of popcorn ready for a very special occasion… The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

The pandemic meant that the Olympic Games could not be held in 2020 and after a long wait, this year they will be held but without an audience. 

So this year we are going to enjoy the Tokyo Olympic Games in streaming with a selection of snacks from La Chinata in which there will be no shortage of our Cherry Flavoured Popcorn of pop it. Our mouths are already watering just thinking about it... but above all because this year more than ever we want to support our champions (with or without a medal), even from a distance.

Create unique recipes

They are already original on their own, but have you tried including them in a recipe? We give you some ideas: Chocolate brownies with EVOO La Chinata, nougat cream ice cream and cherry-flavored popcorn with EVOO. Simply delicious!

You can decorate your favorite desserts with this original product. In this case, we give a crunchy touch to the sweet combination that we recommend. Grab paper and pen!

Our favorite combo

You like chocolate? And the nougat? And the cherry? If the answer is yes, keep reading because it interests you.

We suggest you include this boost cherry crunch in a simple but delicious recipe: a dark chocolate brownie with vegan nougat ice cream. We leave you the more detailed recipe by clicking on the button below:

brownie con palomitas

We recommend serving by playing with the temperatures and textures of each part that makes up the recipe: the hot Brownie, fresh from the oven, and the very very cold vegan Nougat ice cream. The contrast in the mouth is spectacular, but more spectacular is the crunchy texture of the popcorn, you will hallucinate!

And you? What do you think you can use cherry flavored Popcorn with EVOO for? We read you in comments!

In addition, we would love for you to follow us on social networks and share your recipes with us.

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