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The can, the most sustainable container

Did you know that the 75% of the metal produced by humanity throughout its history is still in use? 

Well yes. You read well. It's amazing how it can be

It can be recycled infinitely over and over again and in just 60 days from when we throw it into the yellow bin it can have a second life.

This is the key to its sustainability, that it can be recycled over and over again infinitely without losing quality or quantity, and its color, size or design does not matter. A new container is created again and again of the same quality as the first. So for 12,000 years.

If you have one of our La Chinata EVOO cans on hand, know that when you finish it, if you put it in the yellow container, it will only take about 60 days to become a new can, or even a traffic sign, a blind , a motor…

a single material

The cans only contain aluminum, therefore in the recycling plant there is no need to separate layers or any other element, which implies a very fast and agile management in the recycling process.

Light and easy to transport 

Over the years there have been two improvements to the cans, their closure and their weight, which has been reduced to 35%. Therefore, they can be handled very easily and less energy is needed to transport them, which makes it more sustainable. 

Energy savings in your production 

Before we mentioned that that can of EVOO La Chinata that you have in the kitchen if you recycle it only takes about 60 days to become another container or product. This means that it is not only infinitely recyclable, but the fact that you do not need to produce virgin aluminum means that you are saving 95% of energy. Incredible true?

They better maintain the properties of EVOO

If to all this, we add that thanks to its opacity and its closure, the EVOO in a can better preserves its properties, we see that they are all advantages. That is why we have created the cans of 1 liter of La Chinata Organic EVOO

This Organic EVOO comes from controlled organic farming. It is authorized by the CRAEx. and has obtained the seal of Organic Agriculture of the European Union. It is also an EVOO that is unfiltered. 

Regarding their organoleptic characteristics, they are very similar to Extra Virgin Olive Oils. 'Selection' and 'Raw'.

Our careful production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees respect for the environment at 100%, since only natural products are used in the cultivation of the olive grove, and therefore, free of chemical products. And with this new packaging we get even closer to a more responsible and respectful consumption with the Environment.

Bet on packaging in can and join a more sustainable consumption.

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