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La Chinata Terrassa: Marta Armesto tells us about her experience running the Oleoteca

La Chinata Terrassa is run by Marta Armesto: “Many times I had considered having my own business and it was not until 2020 that, due to the termination of the company where I worked, I went unemployed at the age of 52. At that moment I saw the possibility of doing what I had considered so many times: having my own business”.

This is how Marta Armesto, an accountant by profession, tells us how the initiative to set up her own business arose. Currently, she has been the owner of a La Chinata franchise in Terrassa, in the province of Barcelona, for more than two years. In these years he assures that "the balance is positive."

How did you find out about La Chinata?

One day walking through Granollers with my husband I saw a store, it was La Chinata. He immediately caught my attention because of his image. We entered and we were amazed by the number of products and the packaging of the brand. What surprised me the most was the combination of its gourmet products and olive oils with cosmetics, it seemed like a perfect combination and nothing seen!

Taking advantage of the fact that it was Christmas time that year, everyone had gifts from La Chinata. We also took ourselves to try it as we wanted to know if there was quality behind that magnificent image and nothing better than having the people who love you to give us their honest opinion. Both the cosmetics and the gourmet product were a complete success and I was able to verify it myself, thus, in the least expected way, LA CHINATA Terrassa was born.

The beginnings are usually complicated. How was it for you in La Chinata Terrassa?

We opened our doors in June 2020 in the middle of the pandemic! If the beginnings are usually complicated, imagine this situation that nobody expected. So I started with concern but with all the enthusiasm in the world and with the certainty of having a quality product that supports me. With a lot of work and effort, we continue here and I love my job!

What surprised me the most was the combination of its gourmet products and olive oils with cosmetics, it seemed like a perfect combination and nothing seen!

What did you like the most to decide to take the plunge with a La Chinata franchise?

It was a set of things; originality, quality, image and value for money that shows that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to consume quality products.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced?

Undoubtedly one of the most important challenges has been to place myself in the market, position the brand and get the customer to try the product and get to know it.

How has the pandemic affected you and are you getting over the ravages?

And so much so that it has affected me and from the beginning, I am overcoming it with a lot of effort, work and staying positive and with the same confidence and enthusiasm with which I started and bet on this business.

Marta Armesto en La Chinata Terrassa
Marta Armesto, owner.

What do you think makes you stand out from the rest of gourmet establishments in your area?

Our large amount of product and combining gourmet and cosmetic products in the same store, all of them united by EVOO, makes it different from the rest.

About cosmetics, what do you think makes it stand out from the rest?

It is a cosmetic that works very well on sensitive skin, such as atopic or psoriasis. I have many clients with skin problems and they all tell me how much their skin has improved since they have tried our products and most of them have never heard of our brand. I love that we have been able to help them improve their skin.

Any special weakness in a personal capacity for any of the products?

In the cosmetics line I am a fan of Olivita Facial Serum, the Make-up remover balm and any of our facial oils. From the gourmet line, I wouldn't know which of our seasoned oils stay because I like them all and the cheese creams with our Rustic scolding They are my total weakness.

"I think that what differentiates gourmet products from other products is not their price but their quality and the production and/or harvesting processes"

One of the qualities of La Chinata is its quality/price offer. Do you have to invest a lot of money to enjoy gourmet food or good quality cosmetics?

Not at all. Regarding cosmetics, I believe that the main benefits that a good cosmetic has to offer us is to protect us from the sun, to hydrate, to nourish, that they offer a pleasant application and that they do not have side effects on our skin, and our line perfectly fulfills this. of cosmetics

As for the gourmet product, it is common to think that it is an expensive and exclusive product, but this is not always the case with our products. I believe that what differentiates gourmet products from other products is not their price but their quality and the production and/or harvesting processes.

Marta y su marido, responsables de La Chinata Terrassa
Marta Armesto with her husband.

What are the most sold products in La Chinata de Terrassa?

For cosmetics, our Make-up Remover Balm, the Facial Hydronutritive Cream, the Eye Rescue Gel and any of our facial oils. At the body level, any product from the classic line and the Natural Edition Intensive Regenerating Lotion it is a success!

On the gourmet side, any of our seasoned oils, especially those of truffle, basil and chilli. Our cheese creams, pates and any of our vegetable creams, without forgetting our fig vinegars.

What are the values you are trying to project?

Trust, integrity and passion.

For you, a satisfied customer is a customer who...

A returning customer.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Being able to advise my clients the best for them and for their most special people, so that they later come and tell me that they loved the gift, how good the product is or that it has solved the problem they had.

“Cream cheese with our rustic scolds are my total weakness”

After all this time since the opening, what is the balance?

It is positive, taking into account that it is a young business with all that this implies and open in the midst of a pandemic. We still need to position our product more, so that many more people know the brand, for this we will continue working as up to now with great enthusiasm and perseverance.

What is your future perspective?

Continue making the brand known, and who knows, expand throughout the Western Valley...

Do you want to add something else?

I want to thank all the people who have visited us in these almost two years of experience, who have trusted me and the brand, with whom many of them have shared confidences and have made my days easier. Today they are already unconditional customers of the brand. We will continue working to give the best of ourselves and our products.

Information of interest

ownerMartha Armesto
AddressCalle Font Vella 5, Terrassa BARCELONA
Contact[email protected]
social mediaInstagram: Instagram/lachinataterrassa
Facebook: lachinataterrassa
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