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La Chinata rises to fame in A Coruña

La Coruña Eva Trillo and the Ourense Antonio Morenza, The first with a degree in business and the second with a degree in industrial engineering, they embarked on their first adventure as managers with the opening of the first La Chinata Oleoteca in A Coruña. “We both have a long professional career of 15 years and opening our own business is one of the thorns that I had in mind after studying business, the truth is that setting up a store is quite a training master's degree and even more so in the current economic situation”adds Eva Trillo with enthusiasm.


The establishment is located in the street of fame 1, very close to the emblematic Plaza de María Pita, the nerve center of the capital of A Coruña. “It is the promenade area par excellence of A Coruña, any tourist comes to the square and walks around here.í" describes the manager of the Oleoteca, who does not hesitate to confirm that its proximity to the city pier can be a unique opportunity for business since "this year 90 cruise ships are expected to arrive at the port, which is just a few meters from our store, so we hope to have a large influx of tourists.”


La Chinata A Coruña today opens its doors to the public trying to promote "the gourmet market in times of crisis, because in our store you will find high-quality products at prices that will suit all kinds of pockets”.



business venture

His initiative to open the Oleoteca started from a trip to Vigo where we found the La Chinata store "where we met Miro Carballo and Concha, whom we thank for all the support they have given us, they showed us the business and we loved the proposal”. After carrying out an economic feasibility plan and looking for a suitable location, we have launched into "launch our own store in record time”.


First positive response

Many people from A Coruña already knew the products, even the transport company with which we work confirms that they have been delivering a large part of the references of the Extremaduran firm for some time.confirms Trillo. The privileged enclave where it is based has allowed it in recent days, where the last touches of the store have been carried out, the influx of curious and potential customers has been "in crescendo".


opening party

Next Saturday, May 5, the Oleoteca will host an opening party to which friends, businessmen from the area and potential clients are invited, which will begin at eight in the afternoon. Paired with a local wine, Eva Trillo and Antonio Morenza will act as hosts to the attendees, offering them first-hand the chance to try some of the delicacies that will be common in the establishment, such as the range of Oils, Gourmet products and, even cosmetic range.


La Chinata Padel Tournament

Among their upcoming proposals, to promote the business among the city's inhabitants and visitors, from the store they plan to promote the creation of a Padel Tournament sponsored by the Oleoteca. At the same time, another of the activities that they intend to carry out will be the celebration of Tastings, in order to “bring the world of Olive Oil closer to the gastronomic culture of Northern Spain, where perhaps its knowledge is not as widespread as in the south”.




Contact information

La Chinata olive oil library A Coruña

Managers: Eva Trillo / Antonio Morenza

C/ De la Fama 1, lower center

Zip: 15001 La Coruña

Contact email: [email protected]

Contact telephone number: 981 912 775


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