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La Chinata Open Day left us with a great taste in our mouths

Last week we had the opportunity to meet many of our fans, just as it gave us the chance to meet many people we admire and whose work we have followed very closely for a long time.

What a good time we had! It was an event that we certainly wanted to carry out, we had been planning it for a long time and finally we can be satisfied that we have already achieved that goal.

It was also a perfect occasion to present and publicize the multitude of new products that we have added this year to our wide and varied range of products. Beyond the impressions, we wanted to know first-hand what our audience thinks, what we can improve and what their favorites were. In addition, we had the presence of the guys from the laboratory, who explained to us one by one each of the La Chinata cosmetic products and the most outstanding particularities.

The event was organized by the La Chinata team and the communication agency Comunikare and was attended by more than 50 guests from different media.

The space chosen could not have been better, the Espacio Mood de Malasaña, a charming place where every single detail is pampered. Design and functionality at its best. It gave the possibility of placing each of the La Chinata product ranges in different corners, fitting in perfectly thanks to the identity of the place and a meticulous placement of the team.

As for the products, it was impossible to bring the more than 300 references, but we were able to bring a sample of a large number of them closer, highlighting the most innovative and even those that are not yet on the market, such as herbal teas, red wine and white, the beer flavored with olive extract...

And of course, we wanted to promote the extra virgin olive oil from La Chinata, and what better way than by giving our guests the chance to personalize their own seasoned La Chinata EVOO. They could choose between fresh garlic, black garlic, citrus fruits such as orange or lemon peel, cinnamon, pepper, etc... and take home a seasoned olive oil hand made, which they also stored in a beautiful glass bottle with our logo.

We also dedicate time to fill our stomachs with exquisite tapas created by chef Nino Redruello and his team. Cheeks with La Chinata pumpkin jam, olive oil jelly beans with pica pica and Tuna with EVOO mayonnaise and olive seeds among other dishes. There was also time for a dessert, which was not only eye-catching, thanks to a chocolate bubble effect, but also an explosion of flavor thanks to the combination of textures on the palate, inspired by a Catalan dessert, delicious!

On the other hand, cosmetics also had its moment, since all the guests had the opportunity to receive a relaxing massage with the La Chinata hand cream of their choice. well the EVOO cream, the one with honey wave of anti-aging sun protection.

Oh! I almost forgot, we also had an exquisite breakfast, not only did we try the new La Chinata infusions, but we also enjoyed some very good cupcakes made with the La Chinata olive flour and seedsWe couldn't stop repeating!

It was a great day and we are very grateful for the visit of each and every one of the attendees. We hope that it was also a very special experience for them and that they also left La Chinata Open Day with a good taste in their mouths!

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