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La Chinata makes its way into the largest e-commerce in China, Tmall

Our La Chinata products now cross the Asian border to be installed on Tmall, the marketplace of the Alibaba Empire, the largest e-commerce operator in the world in terms of volume. 

La Chinata en China

In this way, we made our way in one of the most emerging markets such as the Chinese market, and thus satisfying the demand that we have been experiencing for a long time with users from the other continent.

With this, La Chinata opens a new stage and expands its borders on a platform that has 334 million buyers, 53% of the market share and more than 70,000 stores, thus making Tmall the main online sales channel for end customers. from China.

This Asian e-commerce giant was launched in 2013 as a marketplace to strengthen ties between international brands and Chinese consumers.

In figures, in the financial year of 2016 it registered income of 1,565,000 million yen (204.12 million euros), 29% more than the previous year.

With this new opportunity through Tmall, La Chinata continues to experience new business opportunities and maintains constant international growth, already being located in more than 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Do you want to take a look at our online store on Tmall? CLICK HERE


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