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La Chinata bets against food waste

You can now find in our online store and Oleotecas La Chinata a space with discounts on products that are about to expire to avoid wasting food

We are clear. No more food waste. Did you know one third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away? This means that only in Europe, with what is wasted in food, 200 million people could be fed. Crazy. 

So, from now on, all the products that are about to expire, both in the La Chinata oil libraries and in, we will put them on sale with a percentage discount. 

How to differentiate them from the rest?

In the oil libraries they will be indicated in an exclusive space to differentiate them from the rest of the products and they will carry a special label.

In We will have an exclusive section with foods that are about to expire and they will appear with a distinctive icon.

In the La Chinata olive oil stores you will find products in this section that are different from those in the Waste 0 section of the website, since each one has its own stock.

Good condition guarantee

All products in this section are in good condition for consumption at the time of delivery. Therefore: 

  • They will not sell expired products.
  • Products in poor condition will not be sold.

Fast consumption

It is important to consume them as soon as possible before their expiration date is fulfilled.

Bet on a sustainable and responsible purchase and join the 0 food waste movement. You sign up?

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