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La Chinata will open its third store in South Korea

It will be located in the new La Valse hotel on Busan's Yeong-do island

La Chinata plans to open its next Oil Library on the island of Yeong-do, in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, in early March. All a reflection of the good reception and evolution of the brand in the Asian country.

The owner, Soung Hee Park, at La Chinata Oil Library located in Apgujeong, Seoul, South Korea

This third Oleoteca will be located in the lobby of the Hotel La Valse, which will soon open, and will be the third physical store of La Chinata in the country, since its first opening in July 2017 in Samcheong and the second inaugurated in December of the same year in Apgujeong.

Its owner, Soung Hee Park, reveals that the opening will have a special promotion for hotel guests. When they check in at the hotel, they will find La Chinata amenities in their room and receive a special discount for their purchases at the Oleoteca located in the hotel.

“The best sellers are the Antioxidant Serum, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the different infusions with olive leaves, since the latter is considered “very exclusive”

The commitment to a third opening is no coincidence. Its strong promotion of La Chinata during the past year, as well as the growing demand for healthy products in the country, has allowed the brand to receive a great reception.

In the same way, customers can try the products both in the two main stores and in Chicor stores spread throughout the country, run by the Sinsegae group, which has helped make it increasingly popular.

Spain in the media

Curiously, another of the factors that have led to the success of the brand in South Korea is the frequent appearance of Spain in the media, mainly about lifestyle, gastronomy, travel and even the broadcast of Spanish television series. This coverage has achieved an increase in interest in Spain as well as a multitude of travel packages to land. Consequently, Spain has become one of the most desired destinations among Koreans.

This growing interest in Spain, added to the marketing and promotional efforts of its owner, have triggered the recognition of the brand and its consolidation in the country.

“Korea is one of the most competitive countries in the world in the cosmetics market”

"Korea is one of the most competitive countries in the world in the cosmetics market, in fact the rest of the Asian markets in this area have begun to look at the Korean cosmetics market as a benchmark in the sector," says its owner, adding : “I think it is important to forge a strong brand presence in this prestigious market”, he concludes.

busan city

Currently, the town is undergoing an island-wide development towards tourism. The Hotel La Valse will be one of the first business initiatives on the island, located in the spectacular yacht harbor and surrounded by the sea.

"The great reception of the brand is due to the strong promotion of La Chinata during the past year as well as the growing demand for healthy products in the country"

As attractions in the area, the Yongdusan Park that houses the Busan Tower is only a few minutes from the store. Very close is also the BIFF Square (Busan International Film Festival) with numerous options for selling street food. Next door is the Jagalchi Market, very famous worldwide for its fresh fish and seafood to take away or eat in stalls. Another market, Gukje Market, is an icon with a rich history that is also located a few minutes from the Oleoteca. Also noteworthy is the Taejongdae Nature Park, with spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea.

On the other hand, the opposite part of the island is only 20 minutes away by taxi. There are several Buddhist temples in Taejongdae that are frequently visited by tourists. And it is very close to the largest shopping center in the world, according to the Guinness record, Shisegae Centum City.

Other nearby points of interest include Lotte Mall, National Maritime Museum, Gamcheon Culture Village and Bupyeong KKangtong Market.

With all this, despite the fact that La Chinata has only been in the Korean market for a short time, it has already managed to retain a good customer base thanks to the quality and good experience with the products. For this reason, Soung Hee plans to continue developing brand recognition, particularly in gourmet products, with the collaboration of well-known personalities from the sector in the country.

Best sellers

Among Korean clients, Soung Hee acknowledges that there are already favourites, and they are mainly the Antioxidant Serum, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the different infusions with olive leaves, since the latter is considered "very exclusive".

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