Komokabras Verde

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16,00  IVA incluido

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Komokabras Verde

750ml | €21.33 / 1 liter

16,00  IVA incluido

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Komokabras Verde is a single-variety 100% Albariño aged that comes from Adega Entre Os Ríos winery, in Ría de Arousa. A winery that makes its wines in the traditional way, without insecticides or industrial yeasts, and that respects the landscape and nature to the maximum.

It has a clean and bright hay yellow colour. On the nose, it is intense, aromatic and complex, with stoned fruit and vegetable touches. On the palate, it is fresh with an elegant aftertaste.

Recommended serving temperature is between 7º and 10ºC.

Operador de la empresa alimentaria: Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI, S.L. | Avenida de Alemania, 9 - 10600 Plasencia - España

Fact sheet

Winery: Adega Between the Rivers
Brand: Albariño Green Komokabras
Designation: PGI Barbanza and Iria
Type: White wine
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 13,5%
Type of grapes: 100% Albariño
Time of ageing: 33% of the wine ages on its lees in a stainless steel deposit.

Vineyard and elaboration

70% of the vineyards are theirs, the rest come from local winegrowers. Maceration takes place prior to gentle pressing. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. The yeasts are wild yeasts. It is blended from two tanks, one of them on its lees and malolactic fermentation, but not the other one.

It has granitic and schist soils typical of the Barbanza peninsula. Their vineyards come from the clones of Convento de la Merced and were selected among the oldest vines in the area more than 30 years ago. Vineyards are 15 to more than 50 years old on existing vines before the new plantings.


The winery's philosophy is the upmost respect for landscape and nature. They try to make wines that reflect the terroir, where the influence of the granite and schist rocks of Barbanza massif, its water and the ocean, together with the climate, have a significant influence on this wines' profile.


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It contains sulfites.

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