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Cherry Kirsch


500 ml | 25 € / 1 l

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Cherry Kirsch is the first and only Spanish moonshine, made from 100% fruit, only from Picota cherries. This spirit has been produced since 1986 by the Agrupación de Cooperativas del Valle del Jerte in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, where they grow, process and bottle this delicacy.

Its flavour is pronounced and deep, as a distillate of this kind should be. Its smoothness on the palate and its aftertaste stand out.

An artisan and genuine cherry moonshine, with special and unique characteristics, and with the typical Central European kirsch quality.


Confectionery suggestions

Besides being a delicious liquor to drink at any time, it has many uses in confectionery, as for example to macerate fruits, both fresh and dried, ideal for fruit salads, to fill cakes or just to decorate.

It can also be used to add flavouring to sponge cakes, either by using a small amount during dough preparation, or before baking, or even at the end of baking to soak it.

Another common use is as a flavouring agent for syrups, to moisten cakes and pastries. The most popular cake in which Cherry Kirsch is used is the Black Forest Cake.

And in summer, it is used to intensify the flavour of ice creams and sorbets, as it does not crystallise at low temperatures due to its alcohol content.


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Cherry moonshine.


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