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Recipe: Salmon with Hot Honey

Grilled salmon is a dish that any fish lover loves: perfectly browned on the outside and tender on the inside. Well now imagine it with a delicious hot honey prepared with Bird's Eye Cayenne and Smoked Paprika Flakes, spices that we infuse in our Flower Honey La Chinata.

It is an ideal recipe for dinner, full of flavors and contrasts, made with Flower Honey and a spicy touch from our Bird's Eye Cayenne. A very simple dish to prepare but that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Take note!


  • Fresh salmon fillet (you can use the part of the salmon that you like best)
  • Orange
  • Lemon juice
  • Flower Honey La Chinata
  • Valle Coronado Smoked Pepper Flakes
  • Cayenne Bird's Eye Valle Coronado
  • Fresh parsley
Salmón acompañado de Hot honey y naranja a la plancha

Preparation of Salmon with Hot Honey

First of all, we mark the salmon fillet on all its faces and reserve. We repeat the process with some orange slices that we have previously cut.

Once we have separated the salmon and the orange, it is time to prepare the hot honey: We heat our Flower Honey over medium heat until it achieves a more liquid and fluid consistency than it is at room temperature. This step must be done carefully as it can burn.

With the honey already hot, we add the ingredients that we will infuse in it without stopping stirring: we start by adding a splash of lemon juice, some Bird's Eye Cayenne peppers and we finish with our Valle Coronado Smoked Pepper Flakes. Depending on whether you like intense flavors or you don't dare with spiciness, you can add these spices to taste. We wanted the sauce to have some very evident contrasts of flavors and sensations, so we have been generous with both spices: the sweet flavor combined with the spicy sensation and the smoky notes give an incredible touch to any dish, you have to try it!

Finally, it is time to plate the fish with our Hot Honey:

  1. First of all, we recommend placing the marked orange slices on the griddle forming a kind of bed and the fish piece on them.
  2. Once we have it ready, it's time to add the sauce: with the help of a spoon, we add our already tempered sweet and spicy sauce. We recommend you place some of the cayenne peppers that we have added to the sauce on top of the fish to give it a touch of colour.
  3. We could end here, but to give it a fresh and colorful look, we add a few sprigs of fresh parsley. It will give you an aroma that matches perfectly with the intensity of the sauce and the texture of the fish.

Now yes: ready to eat!

We hope you liked this recipe for Grilled Salmon with hot honey and that you try to cook it very soon! If you would like to see more recipes like this you can visit our profile instagram where you will find inspiration and new ideas. See you soon!

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