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Bolsa de Hojas de Olivo Verde
Green Olive Leaves - Pasta



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Green Olive Leaves - Pasta

(4 customer reviews)


500g | €6.7 / 1kg

In stock

The Green Olive Leaves is pasta elaborated with durum-wheat semolina and spinach from organic farming and its production is subjected to rigorous quality inspections.

The production of this delicious olive leaf-shaped pasta is eco-friendly, guaranteed by The European Union organic agriculture label.

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4 reviews for Hojas de Olivo Verde – Pasta

  1. Glory

    I love its texture and shape, ideal to combine with la chinata sauces, impeccable presentation

  2. Raquel

    With Pesto and a good white wine, perfect pairing.

  3. Pablo

    Very rich paste.

  4. Africa

    There is a good quality price relation

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Durum-wheat semolina*, spinach powder (2%)*.

*Ingredients from organic farming.

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 1541 kJ/363 kcal, Total fat  0.4g, Saturated fats  0.1g, Carbohydrates 77.9g, Sugar 3.1g, Fibre 2.6g, Protein 10.6g, Salt 0.4g.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources.

How to use

Green Olive Leaves are an ideal paste to combine with our La Chinata sauces, especially Pesto alla Genovese.

We also recommend it to use in our pasta salad dishes with our variety of Seasoned Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Vinegars.

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