Vino habla del silencio tinto
Habla del Silencio

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12,90  IVA incluido

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Habla del Silencio

750 ml | €17.2 / 1 liter

12,90  IVA incluido

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Habla del Silencio is a wine that has put this winery and Extremadura wines at the top of the national scene. It is a symbol of Extremadura's wine culture and one of the best-selling wines in the country.

Habla del Silencio is a red wine made with an exquisite combination of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Cabernet Franc and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.

It has an intense garnet and cherry colour with violet nuances, very characteristic of all Habla wines. In the glass it is bright and clean, with a dense tear.

Its aroma is intense and complex, with hints of cherry, blackberry, mint, pepper and graphite.

At the same time, on the palate it is sweet, fresh and fleshy at the same time, with plenty of fruity notes and cherry liqueur bonbon. Its serving temperature is 16ºC.

It is therefore a fleshy and powerful wine. A delicious temptation with Extremaduran seal awarded Best Wine of Spain in 2014, 2015 and 2016 by the AEPEV.

Operador de la empresa alimentaria: Compañía Oleícola Siglo XXI, S.L. | Avenida de Alemania, 9 - 10600 Plasencia - España

Fact sheet

Winery: Speaks
Brand: Habla del Silencio
Designation: PGI Extremadura
Type: Red wine
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 14,5%
Type of grapes: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc.
Time of ageing: 6 moths in French oak barrels.
Viticulture: Organic

Vineyard and elaboration

It has 200 hectares of hard land. It is a slate farm, not very fertile and demanding, but that knows how to take care of the plant. As it does not receive enough water, the vine struggles to survive and the land struggles to find it itself, providing little but the best it can. This way the grape tells with its aromas where it is planted. In the winery they call it "the mystique of the essence". Therefore, this land forces the best out of each vine and gives its varieties a grape with a strong personality in order to produce unique wines.

Grapes are harvested manually and chemical fertilisers are not used.

And in the middle of these two hundred hectares of this estate in Trujillo, which the Greeks already cultivated in ancient times, stands the building that houses the winery, one of the most modern in the country.

The wine ages for 5 months in stainless steel tanks on its own lees.


Habla Winery is located in the town of Trujillo, in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, and was founded in 2000.

Vineyards are located on two hundred hectares of land owned by the winery and are divided into 64 plots, with a great deal of prior R&D work to determine which grape varieties are best suited to the environment.


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Wine from Tierra de Extremadura. It contains sulfites.

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