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Grissinis with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Grissinis with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


200g | €19.6 / 1kg

In stock

Bread is a basic at our table and if it is handmade, the better. Like these Grissinis made with EVOO, stretched by hand one by one and no less than 40 centimeters long each.

They are made in the Italian Piedmont, following the original recipe of the region that includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are very crunchy and light.

They are perfect to take alone or as a snack. And also the ideal accompaniment for our wide variety of cheese, sausages, vegetable creams, pates and jams.

They can also be dipped in any of our Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils to get a spicy touch.


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Wheat flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6.5%), malt extract (barley, corn), salt, yeast, rice flour, sourdough (1%), aroma (gluten). It may contain traces of sesame, soy, milk, egg, mustard.

Nutrition Facts per 100g: Energy 1713 kJ/406 kcal, Total fat 7g, Saturated fat 1g, Carbohydrates 72g, Sugar 3.7g, Dietary fibre 3,3g,  Protein 12g, Salt 2,3g.


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