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Gresines with olive seed flour


We often recommend accompanying our pates or creams with stoneware or our spikes and you scold, this time we are going to teach you how to make them and we will give them a touch of different flavor with our new pack of homemade bread with olive seeds.

The recipe is basically the same as for making bread and what changes is the preparation, it is quick and easy, with the same amount that we would use to make bread we can make many gresines but they are so good that not a single one will be left.


Dissolve the yeast in the water and mix all the ingredients in a bowl, knead until a homogeneous dough is obtained, make a ball with it and leave it in the bowl covered with a cloth until it doubles its volume, then it will be time to shape to our stoneware, for this we understand the dough on a flat surface and we stretch it with the help of a rolling pin until we have a thickness of approximately 5mm, we cut it into strips that we will carefully deposit on the oven tray that we will have previously covered with baking paper, if you don't want to make so many gresines, with the same dough you can make scolds (remember to prick them with a fork to make them flat) or spikes, you can also make a roll that will be delicious.

We will cover the stoneware with a cloth and let them rest while we heat the oven to 220º, when it is hot we put the tray in and lower the temperature to 200º, baking until golden, between 8 and 12 minutes depending on the thickness that we have given, and only It remains to let them cool on a rack so that the humidity they release when they cool down does not soften them.

Once cold you can taste them alone or accompanied by one of our pates or creams, we especially like them with the black pudding pate, the one of Iberic secret and the goat cheese cream with caramelized onion but with the black olive cream wave of peppers and eggplant it has to be impressive.

We hope you like the recipe and tell us how you like to accompany these delicious gresines.

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