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Granazul Cheese

Granazul Cheese

450 g | 0 € / 1 kg

Granazul goat cheese is a soft and refined cheese made from raw blue goat’s milk produced in the Granadilla artisan cheese factory on the family farm ‘Alta Calera’, located near Zarza de Granadilla, in Cáceres, Extremadura, where it is made with milk from their own livestock.

This product is made in the traditional style with a very creamy texture and full flavor with fruity hints that develop along with an intense goaty aroma. It has an intense yet delicate flavor, so it is not as strong as conventional blue cheese.

Therefore, it is a fatty cured blue cheese made from raw goat’s milk prepared with top quality raw material and obtained through enzymatic coagulation with suckling kid’s rennet, lactic ferments and salt.

Recommended eating at a 20 ºC.

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Raw goat’s milk, kid’s rennet, lactic ferments, salt.

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