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Great reception of the incorporation of the cosmetic line La Chinata to the natural offer of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja

A perfect pairing of Olive Oil and Sea Water

  • The local and provincial media turned to the presentation.
  • Alberto Ferrer, chef of the hotel, delighted the attendees with exquisite tapas of gourmet products from the Extremaduran firm
  • Numerous participation in the radio program Gastronomía en la Onda.

Last Tuesday, July 24, the Thalasso Hotel Louxo La Toja, in Pontevedra, hosted a crowded official presentation to the media of the heading of the joint collaboration between the aforementioned establishment and La Chinata, through its Oil library of Vigo.

"We had received proposals from other houses to incorporate their products into the treatments of our establishments but without coming to fruition" admitted the Dr. Enrique Piedras, medical director of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja, who highly valued “the quality of La Chinata products”. Likewise, he continued that the incorporation of the Oleotherapy treatment will contribute “beneficial properties for the skin, which also allow it to be prepared for other treatments by means of a peeling with olive oil”.

For his part, miro carballo, manager of the Oleoteca La Chinata Vigo stated that "This agreement represents a knock on the promotion of our products, in such a characteristic enclave and with the great national and international reputation of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja”, on the other hand, he did not hesitate to describe the future natural offer of the Hotel as a perfect “Pairing of Olive Oil and Sea Water”.


According to the terms of the agreement, the cosmetic products of the Extremaduran firm will be available in the hotel shop for its regular customers, while they will incorporate as an innovation a treatment of oil therapy on the initiative of Dr. Enrique Piedras, medical director of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja, specialized in seawater treatments for preventive and curative purposes.

The Hotel's medical team will expand its range of services for the well-being of its clients, with the proven benefits of the cosmetic range of the Extremaduran firm, whose composition is based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As an initial promotion, promotional brochures will be distributed through the network of La Chinata oil libraries distributed throughout the country, with a voucher of a discount 10% on the rate available at the time of booking.

sumptuous agape

After the presentation, the attending media enjoyed a succulent and complete meal made up of tapas prepared by the Chef of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja, Alberto Ferrer, with the following products from La Chinata, Mushroom Cream, Mango Vinegar, Olive and Tomato Pate, Onion Jam and Apple, Lemon and Cinnamon Jam, among others.


Numerous personalities in the Gastronomía en la Onda program

Wave Zero Galicia Through its weekly program "Gastronomy on the Wave" it made a special live edition on the day of the presentation, at the hotel facilities. Your manager, Pepe Cadavedo, was giving way to numerous personalities, among them, Miguel Perez, mayor of O Grove, Pablo Bujan, Commercial Director of the Martín Códax Wineries, Manuel Amoedo, Director of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja, the Dr. Enrique Piedras, Medical Director of the Talaso Hotel Louxo La Toja and the Manager of the Casino of La Toja, Braulio Perez, as well as I look Carballo, manager of the Oleoteca La Chinata Vigo, on behalf of La Chinata, in addition to giving way to a special intervention by Sergio Fernandez, chef from Madrid who collaborates with the firm from Extremadura.

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