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Gourmet Store

Welcome to our LA CHINATA gourmet store. Discover our wide selection of high-quality products, made with olive oil and other natural ingredients.


From the most traditional to the most exotic. We present you all the spices from Valle Coronado and we give you some ideas on how to use them and their flavor notes. In this way we open the doors of a world full of flavor, aroma and textures. Welcome to Valle Coronado!

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Flavoured Oils and Vinegars

Give a special touch to your dishes with our selection of Seasonings and Vinegars. Made with top quality ingredients and with a wide variety of flavors and textures. Choose the perfect dressing to improve from your most simple or traditional recipes to the most sophisticated. They will surprise you!

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Desperdicio cero

We join the movement of not throwing away food through exclusive discounts on products that have their consumption date close. Find out which ones they are!

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Salts, Spices and Sauces

Discover our salts, spices and traditional sauces with a different touch. From seasoned salts, salt flakes with truffle, with paprika... to numerous spices. In the same way, we have different types of sauces, all made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with which to give an extra flavor to any of your dishes.

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Cheese and Cured Iberian Meat

La Dehesa Extremeña offers innumerable high-quality products, including cheeses and Iberian products. Here you will find a wide catalog of cured, fresh, semi-cured, aged cheeses... both goat and sheep. In the same way, if you are looking for a selection of Iberian hams, we have both field bait and acorn-fed Iberian hams. Sliced and in pieces, all with an extraordinary flavor and texture.

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Appetizers and Snacks

For a gourmet snack, this is your section! We have a wide variety of snacks and appetizers, from olives, pickles, fried potatoes with EVOO... to nuts with a gourmet touch. Everything you need to enjoy alone or accompanied by an aperitif 10.

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Do you love chocolate? This is your section! We have a wide variety of chocolates made with EVOO with a different touch, from truffle, dehydrated black olives or ginger among many others, to the most classic. Give yourself a tribute or find the perfect assortment of chocolates to give as a gift. Get ready to salivate!

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Canned Food

Canned fish are the best option to add fish to the diet in a simple and fast way. The cans maintain all the nutritional qualities of fish and shellfish because they are prepared immediately after their capture to preserve them with hardly any handling. In addition, canned food is perfect for a multitude of recipes.

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Sweet Selection

Are you sweet? This is for you! All our variety of artisan sweets and chocolate gathered in this section that will make your mouth water. In addition, they are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and top quality raw materials. If you are looking for something sweet for a snack, breakfast or snack, find it here.

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Jam and Honey

Bold and sophisticated, in this section we have jams for all tastes with a combination of flavors that you will only find at La Chinata. We are talking about mango and cava, fig, vanilla and pepper, strawberry and pink pepper, pepper jam and many more. In the same way, we encourage you to sweeten your drinks and desserts with a nutritious touch with our honey. So, if you don't know what to have for breakfast, here you will find your ideal breakfast!

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Pates and Creams

La Chinata vegetable pates and creams are a delicacy, for a reason they are always among our best-selling products. Beyond its preparation with top quality ingredients and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they are mostly inspired by the Dehesa Extremadura. Hence, we find Iberian flavors, cherry, birds such as partridge or pheasant or potato blood sausage among many others. Both the vegetable creams and the pâtés have unique and delicious combinations that are perfect for spreading or for preparing numerous recipes.

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Ready Meals

If you like traditional dishes but you are lazy to cook them, we prepare them for you! We have several traditional cuisine dishes made with great care and top quality ingredients so you can enjoy homemade food recipes.  From stuffed peppers to Madrid-style tripe, fabada, Cordoba-style oxtail or the classic potato omelette preparation. You no longer have an excuse to eat well at home, we cook!

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Do you fancy a drink? Find the drinks you are looking for here. From an aloe vera juice to craft beer flavored with olives or our wines. We also have infusions made with a base of olive leaves with different combinations of fruits and leaves. Therefore, if what you are looking for is something warm, something refreshing or simply to enjoy a glass of wine or make a toast with a good cava, find it here.

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We are passionate about good food and that extends to the world of wine. We do not understand a good celebration without a good wine, a drink that hides tradition, culture and respect for the land, with which we feel very identified. The 'Bodega' is the result of a trip to the Spanish vineyard to offer a selection of wines from small and large wineries that reflect the history and culture of the area and have a strong link with their surroundings. Welcome to our winery!

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The Best of Extremadura

We love our land, we love its products and we want to strengthen ties between small farmers in the area and our customers. For this reason, we have created the new section 'The best of Extremadura', a selection of Extremadura treasures, sometimes difficult to find beyond the place of production. They are sincere products made by hand and that represent all the good that defines our land, Extremadura.

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