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Valencia del Ventoso Chickpea


750 g | 0.43 € / 100 g

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It is a historical chickpea faithful to its ancestral way of growing as it was produced in the past without fertilisers, in an ideal climate in Valencia del Ventoso, in the province of Badajoz.

It is a floury chickpea, with a very thin skin and a buttery flavour. It has a high starch content which makes it absorb the flavours of the ingredients added to it while cooking.



Legendary chickpeas

This seed is native to Valencia del Ventoso and according to legend and oral tradition, these chickpeas were sent to the Court of Charles III. The myth goes that Louis XIV of France, known as the 'Sun King', took a cook from this town to his court, loaded down with several arrobas of these chickpeas. When the French monarch tasted them, he said: "By their suns, no other chickpeas would enter the kitchens of Versailles except those from Valencia del Ventoso".

How to use

It is perfect for stews such as cocido stew, chickpeas a la riojana, potaje stew, etc.


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