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Fried Tomato Sauce ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’

Fried Tomato Sauce ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’

270 g | 0 € / 1 kg

For meat stews, rice, pasta, empanadilla fillings… a tomato sauce is basic in Mediterranean cuisine and what is better that having an ready-made one with natural ingredients and traditionally prepared?

You just have to shake, open and heat in a boiling water bath or simply pouring into the pan or pot. YOu will get this sauce’s traditional flavour without cooking.

The foundation is made with simmered tomatoes, onnion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, green pepper, sea salt and black pepper. It is just like the one you would have made at home, but with less cooking!

Family tradition

This business’ history starts in Sarteneja (Pueblonuevo del Guadiana, Extremadura), the family country house located in an irrigated land where, from decades, tomatoes are harvested. In the morning, before it is hot, the family went out to gather some tomatos so that later grnadma could prepare them in many ways: soup, picadillo, with a splash of olive oil or fried, the one they love the most.

Years later, they decided they could bottle tomatoes and use them all year around. Little by little, they started to give them to their relatives and friends and, as they loved them, the family ended up creating ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’.

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Tomato (98%), onion, extra virgin olive oil, green pepper, sea salt and pepper. 


Nutrition Facts per 100g of product: Calories 494kJ/ 118kcal, Total Fat 11g,Saturated fat 2,1g, Carbohydrates 3,6g, Sugar 3,2g, Protein 1,3g, Salt 1,4g.

Store in a cool and dry place, at room temperature (15º-25ºC).

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