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Forlong Burbuja


750 ml | 30 € / 1 l

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This is a sparkling wine made with 100% Palomino grape from Pago de Grañina, in the province of Cádiz, known for its rough 'albariza' soil.

It is golden yellow, with a fine bubble forming a rosary.

It is an easy wine, with a fresh and structured taste. Bubble is nice and completely integrated, not altering the wine's nuances. It has a long and structured end.

On the nose, it smells like hay, stalk, white flower, with balsamic touches, typical of this vineyard, close to the sea and constantly exposed to the sun.

The recommended serving temperature is between 7º and 10ºC.


Fact sheet

Winery: Forlong
Brand: Forlong Burbuja
Origen: IGP Cádiz
Type: White wine
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 12%
Type of grapes: 100% Palomino
Time of ageing: 8 meses en rima

Vineyard and elaboration

The vineyard is organic and it is located in Pago de Grañina, in 'Los Corrales' state, where Palomino Fino grapes are grown in albariza soil, which translates to pure salinity and chalk.

It is elaborated following the ancestral method of bottling the fermenting grape juice before it has stopped fermenting, before all sugar is consumed. Then bottles are kept in rhyme for 8 months. Wine contact with its lees gives structure and complexity to this palomino.

After this ageing process, bottles are placed upside down for 3 weeks so that lees remain on the throat of the bottle.

To end the process, disgorging 'a la volé' is done. It consists of removing the bottle cap with a quick movement, eliminating the lees that were on the throat with the gas built up inside the bottle. So as not to change the product's identity, the bottle is later refilled with the same wine and corked with the final cap.

This natural wine is bottled with no added sulfites and with no filtration nor clarification treatments, so it may present natural sediments.


Forlong, artisan and organic winery, started out in 2007 when 'El olivar de Forlón' estate was purchased, getting back the old vineyard, olive grove and fruit tree plantation lost through the years. The final 'g' that was part of the surname of the former owner, the Brittish Peter Forlong, was also recovered, bringing Forlong back to life, a dream had 'for a long time' that finally came true.




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It contains sulfites..


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