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White Forlong


750 ml | 14.53 € / 1 l
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This wine's life starts with an early harvesting and it is made with 100% Palomino grapes, which come from Pago de Grañina, in the province of Cádiz.

It is bright and crystalline with a golden yellow colour and intense green reflections. When shaking the glass, a high density is appreciated. On the nose, it is intense, scented, floral, citric and has a tropical side represented by a roasted banana touch. It has a anise flavoured balsamic background. It is an intense wine, where fruit and minerals are the main characters in the aftertaste.

It has great sharpness, that provides an intense verticality and clarity as for minerality, a taste translated into freshness and an almighty saline concentration. A white wine that reflects without a doubt the albariza soil where it is born.

The recommended serving temperature is between 7º and 10ºC.


Fact sheet

Winery: Forlong
Brand: White Forlong
Designation: IGP Cádiz
Type: White wine
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 12%
Type of grapes: 100% Palomino
Time of ageing: 5 months on its lees in a stainless steel tank

Vineyard and elaboration

The vineyard is organic and it is located in Pago de Grañina, in 'Los Corrales' state, where Palomino Fino grapes are grown in albariza soil, which translates to pure salinity and chalk.

Wine harvesting is handmade and grapes are selected both in the grapevine and the selection table: only the highest quality grapes go to the press.

After pressing, grape juice is put in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature (6-7ºC) for 24-48 hours. After the debourbage process, it is transferred to another tank where alcoholic fermentation will start spontaneously, slowly increasing the temperature in a controlled way to a maximum of 15ºC. Fermentation at such a low temperature helps to preserve natural aroma of this type of grape. 20 days later, once fermentation process is finished, wine is transferred together with its suspended lees.

It ages for 5 months on its lees in a stainless steel tank. There is no clarification process, so natural sediments may be found.


Forlong, artisan and organic winery, started out in 2007 when 'El olivar de Forlón' estate was purchased, getting back the old vineyard, olive grove and fruit tree plantation lost through the years. The final 'g' that was part of the surname of the former owner, the Brittish Peter Forlong, was also recovered, bringing Forlong back to life, a dream had 'for a long time' that finally came true.




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It contains sulfites..


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