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Forlong 80/20



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Forlong 80/20


750ml | €21.2 / 1 liter

In stock

Following the idea of elaborating wines that reflect the homeland, Forlong 80/20 is born from 100% Palomino grapes from Pago de Bilbaína Alta. It is closer to an orange wine than to a conventional white one. It ferments like a red wine, with skins and it is curious to note that these are from Pedro Ximénez grapes. While on the country, this wine is well taken care of and then it is manually treated in the winery, with a rigorously controlled process.

It is amber orange, just like Orange Wines and it is slightly murky. When moving the glass, a high density and a tear descending through it can be seen.

It is expressive and deep, reminding of flowers and soft balsamic and honeyed nuances, characteristics that make it fresh yet sweet. When the glass is moved, a great range of aromas are discovered: floral aroma are emphasised; roses and geranium can be perceived, as well as baked apple and sweet persistent puffy pastry aroma. The more time the wine is in the glass, the more aromas emerge and change.

On the palate, it enters pleasantly and with a velvety touch until it reaches the middle of the mouth, when salinity and tannins appear, expand and provoke a great explosion. This tannins persist until dryness produced by minerals makes its appearance, creating a joyful and lively sensation that invites us to keep drinking.

The recommended serving temperature is between 10 and 12 ºC.

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Fact sheet

Winery: Forlong
Brand: Forlong 80 20 Natural
Designation: Spanish wine
Type: White wine
Vintage: 2022
Alcohol: 12%
Type of grapes: 100% Palomino
Time of ageing12 months on its lees and maceration with Pedro Ximenez skins

Vineyard and elaboration

This Palomino wine is fermented in a peculiar way as, contrary to typical white grapes fermentation, elaborated throgh a 'direct press', it is fermented with skins, as red wines do.

This 'Orange Wine' has a distinctive feature: the skin comes from Pedro Ximenez type of grape, as this aroma and characteristics is what they are looking for. In addition, this vintage is even more special because instead of fermenting in stainless steel tanks, they do so in clay jars.

After approximately 25 days from the beggining of maceration prior to fermentation and once finished alcoholic fermentation, skins are removed and wine is let to rest in the jar for 12 months on fine lees so as to lessen tannin provoked by fermentation with skins. Then a natural cold decanting is done and wine is bottled with no sulfites, making it a completely natural cuvée.

This natural wine is bottled without receiving neither filtration nor clarifying treatments, so it may have natural sediments.


Forlong, artisan and organic winery, started out in 2007 when 'El olivar de Forlón' estate was purchased, getting back the old vineyard, olive grove and fruit tree plantation lost through the years. The final 'g' that was part of the surname of the former owner, the Brittish Peter Forlong, was also recovered, bringing Forlong back to life, a dream had 'for a long time' that finally came true.


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