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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml Square Bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml Square Bottle

100 ml | 0 € / 1 l

La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the Northwest of Cáceres. There, only the best olives are selected in order to guarantee the production of a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our customers. Olives must be in their optimum ripening stage, clean, healthy and without any visual flaws.

Measures (l x w x h): 5,5  x 5,5 x 9 cm.

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has four main characteristics:

  • An intense yellow colour with some green traces.
  • A sweet and flat flavour, without the characteristic spiceness nor bitterness of Southern Olive Oils. This way you get a very nice taste on the palate that makes the tasting of this EVOO a great pleasure.
  • A very dense ripe fruit aroma.
  • A high fatty acid content that makes these virgin oils some of the most perfect ones that are produced in the different olive growing areas of Spain.

The Sierra de Gata region is well-known for its olives, mostly allocated to direct consumption. We are talking about table olives, known throughout Spain as “Manzanilla Cacereña”. They are very similar in texture and flavour, leaving a pleasant aroma on the palate. And part of that aroma can be appreciated in our EVOO, because it is made with the smaller olives that cannot be used for direct consumption, so La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil inherits their most known virtues and characteristics.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a squared bottle with a very original design, ideal to gift, as well as to decorate the table at home. It is recommended to combine it with the Square Vinegar Bottle, which comes in the same type of bottle. They make a perfect duo to gift due to their packaging and great quality or to use at home on special occasions.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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