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Extra Iberian Fresh Chorizo

Extra Iberian Fresh Chorizo

500 g | 0 € / 1 kg

This Extra Iberian Fresh Chorizo is handmade with 80% loin extra and 20% special pork cut, so that it is more succulent. In addition, basic ingredients are added to the mix, such as salt, La Vera paprika and garlic. It is a real pleasure on the palate.

Contents: 4 pieces, aproximately weight 500 g/pack.

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Sustainable farming in the heart of the Extremaduran pasture

The Iberian pigs are reared by Jamones Iberbal, an Extremaduran company dedicated to the extensive rearing of Iberian pigs on its own farms in the heart of Extremaduran pastures, in Baldío de Leal, in the towns of Arroyo de la Luz and Brozas. This is an area of pastureland with optimal conditions for the best development and breeding of the best specimens of Iberian pigs.

Here, pigs are 100% fed on cereals and all the resources the pasture has to offer, such as acorns. At the same time, as it is a traditional extensive livestock farm, the animals live in a free-range environment, which favours their welfare, resulting in the quality of the product.


The pigs are slaughtered when they are at least 12 months old, when they already have a high level of muscle mass and therefore a higher meat yield.

Feed, breed and age are certified by Traza y Control. At the same time, the Iberian product is certified by Calicer, a seal and code that you will find on every package.

Fresh shipping guarantee

To guarantee the product’s freshness and its correct transport, all orders containing fresh Iberian meats will be shipped on Wednesdays. This means that only 24 hours go by from the time it is slaughtered until it is cut and packaged.

If your order includes other non-fresh products, everything will be shipped the same Wednesday, and you will receive it on Friday via refrigerated transport to guarantee that it does not lose the cold chain.

This fresh meat is vacuum packed and can be frozen to keep its properties in the same packaging. We ship on Wednesdays and from the moment the product leaves the warehouse you have 10 days to eat it or freeze it.

Preparation suggestions

It is perfect for grilling, slicing it an making it in the pan, cooking it with wine o add to stews as lentil or bean ones.


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