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Arbequina Single-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil Case


500 ml | 19.2 € / 1 l

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La Chinata Arbequina Single-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil Case includes an olive oil bottle of this variety, that comes in an elegant case, ideal as a gift.

It is made from olives juice of Arbequina variety. It is a common variety in Tarragona and Lleida, although it can also be found in the region of Aragón and in some parts of Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha. We harvest only those fruits that have the properties that we think are essential to obtain a high quality Extra Virgin olive oil.



Olives are harvested early, which allows us to produce a higher quality EVOO and thus guarantee the preservation of its organoleptic properties.

Only through this selection system, we can guarantee to our customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil whose quality is completely assured.

Arbequina is a smooth, light and sweet olive variety with a delicate texture. The single-variety oil is made from 100% Arbequina olives, and offers a fruity and sweet taste, with hints of apple and almonds.

Arbequina EVOO, thanks to its lightness, is recommended for fresh and cooked vegetables, steamed fish, as well as delicate dishes, sauces and pastries, as it adds flavour without masking the other ones.


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Extra virgin olive oil.


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