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Recipe: Orange Salad with EVOO Seasoning and La Chinata Onion

He EVOO and Onion Seasoning It is a basic that cannot be missing in your pantry. From salads, gazpachos, vegetables, stews, potatoes, stews... to meat, fish, sauces, vinaigrettes and pasta. A condiment that never fails and that, in case you hadn't noticed, accompanies us almost always.

We don't know if you know her, but in Gata-Hurdes, one of the most famous regions of the province of Cáceres, the Orange Salad is typical, a traditional recipe full of flavor, colors and aromas.

Each family, as with many other recipes, makes it in their own way, but the "mother" recipe is made with oranges, fried egg, La Vera paprika and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Others make it with boiled egg, garlic and other spices, but without a doubt, it is a real delicacy that you should try if you come to this area.

We should even mention that there are towns that make it with lemon instead of orange. It is a very interesting combination that we will have to try on our next visit to the region.

We couldn't resist doing it, but we still wanted to give it a try. twist gourmet, so our culinary masters have gotten to work and it has resulted in a Orange Salad with EVOO and Onion Seasoning.

The condiment

Yeah! You heard right. We have used one of the products that make up our famous range of condiments made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give our dish a special touch, this time the onion one. You will love it and, above all, surprise you.

It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with raw onion, an ingredient that gives it a fresh and delicious nuance. It is the ideal condiment for day to day, in addition to being beneficial for the body thanks to the combination of qualities of both products.

Condimento de AOVE y Cebolla La Chinata
EVOO and Onion Seasoning

We like to use it in almost all dishes, but we especially recommend it for salads and potato stews, or even pasta!

But let's get to the important thing, the recipe!



  1. The first thing we should do is peel the fruit removing the white skin, since it is the part that is most bitter.
  2. Next, cut into thin slices and we place them on a plate or container of our choice. You can also use a bowl or shallow bowl.
  3. To finish off, we add on our orange the pickled red onions to provide a special and fresh touch. Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste and, of course, a splash of our EVOO and Onion Seasoning.
ensalada de naranja con condimento de aove y cebolla
Orange Salad


What does it look spectacular? We know! And that's why we invite you to follow us on social networks and show us how yours has turned out. you just have to click here and send us a photo or tag us in your post, I'm sure it looks amazing on you! Although you can also tell us in which recipes you would use our products. We love to read you.

Would you like us to talk about more traditional recipes from our land? They are many, very tasty, easy to make and, if you find quality ingredients, they become a real delicacy, we assure you.

In fact, do you like sweet recipes? Because we have an entry dedicated to some of the traditional sweets of the Community of Extremadura. Click on the button below and find out.

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