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A walk through the Oleoteca Chamberí by the blog “De Fogones y Hombres”

Pilar Sanchez Villar, editor of the Blog “Of stoves and men” located in the online version of the popular magazine hola, tells us in an extensive article the discovery that for the author meant to meet the La Chinata Chamberí Oil Library (C/ Bravo Murillo 4, Madrid).

Grosso modo comments that “We loved the store. In its tidy shelves we were able to contemplate a great variety of oils -of course-, but also olivespreservesyes, patesvinegarspaprikayes, cheeses, prepared food, jams, canned fruits, sausageschocolates, sweets and even beauty products. All this in a careful presentation and made with the highest quality ingredients.”.

It also highlights that “They are pleasant spaces where not only these exquisite products are sold,. In the stores of La Chinata they offer cooking tipsrecipes made with good oils as a base and are given tastings and courses to help spread the wordto oil culture, one of the jewels of our gastronomy and our economy and which we have traditionally valued so little”.


As advice, he invites his readers to “visit the website of La Chinata and that you take a walk through one of its stores. In addition, you can give yourself some very nice treats for very little money. The problem is putting the brake on at any given time. If you let yourself go, you take the store home. Enjoy".


Full article at:


La Chinata Chamberí Oil Library

Contact: Áurea García Alcubilla

C / Bravo Murillo nº4. 28015 Madrid

Phone: 91 4450167

E-mail: [email protected]

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