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Raspberry Pulp Vinegar on, the online magazine specializing in in-depth analysis of food products, fashion, cult objects, travel and a host of current affairs has just published an extensive article about our Raspberry Pulp Vinegar.

The news reviews the origins of the product “Already in ancient Rome they knew about the good taste and better use of vinegar, and this is how Apicius collects it in the oldest known cookbook, coquinaria beef. Although at that time vinegar was only sour wine…”.

From that sour wine and Roman bacchanal vinegar, we have moved on to apple or sherry vinegar, to Modena vinegar and to those flavored with a wide variety of herbs... but also, now

They comment on our range of Fruit Pulp Vinegars that “La Chinata makes available to our taste and desire for innovation in the kitchen, vinegars with fig pulp, and also mango or raspberry. It is a sweet and sour vinegar that will yield the most prone palates to new and surprising flavors; the acidity and citric taste of the vinegar contrasts with the fructose of the figs, mangoes or raspberries that they add to salads, meats or fish that they dress, as well as color and flavor... sugar!! As Celia Cruz would sing."


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