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The power of candles to generate calm and well-being

The frantic pace to which we are accustomed sometimes reaches such high peaks that it is necessary to stop, for health and personal well-being

We could propose a getaway to the mountains, or a few days of spiritual retreat in some lost place, but we want to propose something that you can do this week and without leaving home, a relaxing session with scented candles!

You would be surprised at the power of a pleasant aroma and the warmth of a candle. At La Chinata we have three candles scented with wild fig, cherry blossom and olive blossom.

They are made with essential oils and have a powerful, enveloping smell that will surprise you with its durability and presence.

In addition, we have recently changed their format and now you will find them in a can format, which is not only better preserved thanks to its lid, but is also a more sustainable container for the Environment, since it is 100% recyclable.

Scents of wild flowers

Velas aromáticas

Find a space at least once a week to forget about the clock, the calendar, the missed calls, the WhatsApp, the emails... Take a break, light your candles and set the room or bathroom with its dim light and its aromas.

One of the keys to self-care is to enjoy the small details in life that make you feel good. Let yourself be intoxicated by the virtues of calm and tranquility that these candles provide and immerse yourself in the fields of Extremadura through its aromas of wild flowers so characteristic of the area such as olive blossoms, cherry blossoms and wild figs.

Light the candles, close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy.

Cherry Blossom Scented Candle

Vela aromática cerezo en flor

The Cherry Blossom Scented Candle La Chinata It is made with essential oils that bring home the scent of spring and this tree that is so special to us and our land.

This candle is ideal to reawaken our sense of smell, thanks to the pleasant aroma of essential oils extracted from cherry tree.

Wild Fig Aromatic Candle

Vela aromática de higuera silvestre

The Wild Fig Aromatic Candle La Chinata is made with the natural essence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wild Fig Tree that awakens the senses with its fresh and intense fig fragrance and its dim and relaxing light.

Its pleasant aroma evokes the fields of fig trees so characteristic of the Extremaduran meadows.

Olive Flower Scented Candle

Vela aromática flor de olivo

The La Chinata olive blossom scented candle It is made with the natural essence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that awakens the senses with its fragrance of olive groves and its dim light.

It is an elegant candle that comes in a 100% recyclable tin, perfect to create a well-being atmosphere at home or at any other place, due to its pleasant aroma that reminds of olive tree fields.

Wick 100 % cotton

When its wick, made of 100% cotton, burns, it easily spreads the perfume throughout the environment and ensures a clean flame with hardly any smoke. In this way, it creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Its format is simple and elegant, which makes it a perfect decoration object for any place such as the bathroom, a bedroom, the living room, and even outdoors, on a terrace or garden.

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