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Christmas sweets for vegans

Christmas is here! A date in which we sin (and a lot) with food, we admit it. Recipes and sweets of all kinds are featured at every meal and are hard to turn down.

That is why this time we bring you different options of Christmas sweets for vegans. If you are in this situation yourself, a family member or a friend, pay attention to these products because you will surely like to keep in mind some delicious sweets suitable for those who follow a diet that rejects the use of products of animal origin (which excludes milk and eggs).

1. Almond shortbread. €3.50

The Mantecados Almond La Chinata They are made by hand with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and with the traditional recipe of flour, cinnamon, sugar, almonds and sesame seeds.

Oval shaped and sugar coated. An ideal sweet as a snack, snack or dessert, and perfect to accompany with our line of La Chinata infusions.

2. Almond powder. €3.50

The Almond Polvorones Pistachio with Extra Virgin Olive Oil They are a sweet of artisan elaboration. Unlike the rest of polvorones, they are made with our best EVOO instead of butter, combined with flour and sugar.

In addition to these ingredients, we have given it a gourmet touch by adding pistachios instead of almonds, achieving an exclusive flavor with a crunchy and highly nutritious touch.

3. Pistachio polvorones with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. €4.20

The Almond Polvorones La Chinata They are traditionally made with our best EVOO combined with flour, cinnamon, sugar, almonds and sesame seeds.

It is a sweet that melts easily in the mouth and is covered in powdered sugar. It is recommended to take it together with our wide range of La Chinata Infusions for a snack, an afternoon snack or as a dessert.

4. Chocolate nougat with aove. €7.00

He Nougat Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil It is born from the fusion of a fine almond praline together with a high quality pure dark chocolate. It is a product made by hand that offers an intense flavor with a touch of EVOO, cinnamon and natural lemon zest, combined with the aroma of the best chocolate.

The result is a crunchy and exquisite snack, perfect to share with family or friends and enjoy a gourmet experience.

It should also be noted that it boasts of being manufactured free of added preservatives, colorings and additives. And it is also gluten free.

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