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Two new La Chinata olive oil libraries in the Czech Republic

There are currently two La Chinata olive oil libraries in the Czech Republic. The first opened in June 2017 in the city of Brno and the second in Ostrava, in August. In addition, a third is planned for 2019

La Chinata República Checa

La Chinata continues to expand its borders and this time we traveled to the Czech Republic, which since August of last year already has two La Chinata oil libraries. The first was inaugurated in June 2017 in the city of Brno and the second just two months later, in the town of Ostrava, two of the most important cities in the country and with plans to continue its expansion for a third in 2019.

The location of both is excellent. On the one hand, La Chinata Oleoteca in Brno is located in the historic center of the city, at number 22 Masarykova pedestrian street, a few meters from the main train station and very close to the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. For its part, the Oleoteca located in Ostrava is located in the largest shopping center in the city, Nova Karolina, located on Jantarová street number 4.

Some of the reasons that led to bringing La Chinata to the Czech Republic were: “To pass on the olive culture to the Czechs, since they usually cook with butter and think that the best oils come from Italy. Also because of the exclusivity as well as the growing interest in the Spanish brand, which is highly valued”, its owners point out.

The main customers of both oil libraries are locals, who generally return very positive impressions, and a large number of Asian tourists also visit, very happy to see La Chinata in a country like the Czech Republic.

In addition, the decoration of the Oleotecas does not go unnoticed: "Customers who enter for the first time, come back!", say their owners.

In order to publicize La Chinata olive oil stores in the Czech Republic, both stores are constantly working on dissemination campaigns focused mainly on their appearance in Gourmet magazines and local radio stations. In the same way, they are always present at the Forum magazine in the Ostrava shopping center and have created their own online store in Czech, Spanish and English:

With respect to the most requested products by the Czechs, Extra Virgin Olive Oils in general, olives and pates are the most popular, since in the country they have a great tradition, and in what refers to the cosmetics, Miracle Oil and Lip Balms are the main stars. Similarly, Asians are passionate about Black Olive Soap.

With this, La Chinata continues to make its way abroad. It is already found in specialized stores in 26 countries and has 36 La Chinata oil stores throughout Spain, as well as four more in Mexico, Guatemala, Norway and South Korea. And it is that more and more people from any part of the world know the multiple properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and do not hesitate to add it to their daily routine to take care of themselves inside and out.

(Article from the magazine 'La Chinata' -edition nº1-)

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