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Don Alejibre Organic Decaf


250 g | 27.6 € / 1 kg

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Don Alejibre Organic Decaf is a fresh coffee bean from Mexico, roasted in the town of Casar de Cáceres in Cáceres, Extremadura. It has an exquisite flavour, as a result of its artisanal production. It follows a traceability, sustainability and environmentaly-friendly process, as well as open, in each and every set.

This coffee variety is arabica and has a blend of sweet and spicy flavours: chocolate, citric and spiced, well-bodied. Bean varieties are Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Pacas and Típica.


Toasted in Extremadura

The Extremaduran company Zeri's, located in Cáceres, works with beans according to processes recommended by each producer and for each variety. Therefore, its efforts are focused on keeping grain quality and offering it in all its glory through toasting, controlling the time to ensure the greatest possible freshness.

Fair trade

For the company from Cáceres, with over 10 years' experience, it is very important that each link in the chain receives fair remuneration for its work, which is why they do not pay prices based on the stock market, but rather on the quality of the crop, in some cases up to five or ten times higher.


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100% arabica toasted coffee beans.


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